Welcome at otonaJP !

Since otonaJP launched in September 2015 we have grown extremely fast with the help of all of you. You shared links, told your friends about us and helped us to get where we are now. As we know that many of you had wished this, we are now offering an Affiliate Program which helps you to earn comissions on every order that is placed at otonajp.com through your Affiliate Link. The comission you receive is 10% of the items prices and will be paid to you out in cash via Paypal. 

How to join ?

Joining the otonaJP Affiliate Program is super easy. Just log into your account at otonajp.com and you will find the Affiliate Program in the left side menu in your dashboard. Then please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the otonaJP Affiliate Program and confirm them. Thats all you have to do and then you are good to go. You will be provided with a unique link that allows you to send us customers. If one of the new customers you sent us buys something, you earn 10% comission. Plain and simple !

A Great Chance to make some real Cash

With a 10% comission and otonaJP's wide selection of goods you are able to make great money on qualified orders. (Paid Orders without chargebacks or that have not been cancelled or returned). This is a great opportunity and more than most other Affiliate Programs let you earn.

Payout Requirements

You can get paid out as soon as you have reached a balance of 1000 JPY (about 9 USD). No long wait or high payout requirements like on other sites. You get what you earned, no unnecessary wait.

So what are you waiting for ? Log into your otonaJP account and start earning money today !