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We Are Now Shipping From Europe!

Sep 17, 2019
We have some phenomenal news for our customers in Europe.

We now have a European warehouse (in Germany).

Why is this good news? Let's take a look...

Lower Delivery Costs

Because we now ship items from Japan and stock them in our own European warehouse, you will only have to cover the cost of the things you order and the lower delivery costs.

In other words; you can now save even more money with otonajp!

No Customs/Import Fees & Taxes

As your orders can now be shipped directly from within Europe, you can avoid surprise customs fees.

Again, you save more money. Splendid!

Wait, there's even more...

No Customs Checks

Another benefit of orders now shipping from within Europe is that you can avoid customs checks and having to explain what it is that you ordered. Because let's be honest, some of the adult toys we offer do feature some question-raising images! :)

One important feature as well we also would like to mention is that customer accounts work on both stores. So you can use the same login on both stores, having orders on both stores under your account view. The best of all however is that otonaPoints are also compatible, letting you use the already collected points on the EU Store and vice versa. How great is that!

So, as you can see, there are now even more benefits to being an Otonajp customer in Europe. And we plan on providing even more benefits in future.

Please check out our EU Store RIGHT HERE!