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otonaJP Onaho Powder

Maintenance Powder by otonaJP
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Maker otonaJPProduct Weight 50g (0.11lbs) Release Dec 8, 2022Product Type Maintenance Powder

User Reviews

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  • | 5/6/2023

    Good price, good bottle

    A pretty good bottle. It looks kind of small, but you usually don't need to apply a lot with this. It has a top that makes it easy to spread the power, making it less likely to over use or spill off the onahole. A must-have if you want to keep your toys in good condition. Alternatively, you could also buy corn starch, but it won't be as easy to apply.

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  • | 4/29/2023

    Perfect Toy Maintainer

    Bottle is nice size and easy to store. Helps keep toys in shape while not in use.

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  • | 3/3/2023


    Great value for the price, their is not much else to say it does the job fine and the bottle is pretty solid.

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  • | 2/17/2023


    Easy to apply and use. Great way to maintain your onahole and prevent the outer layer from getting sticky. If its your first time powdering a onahole DON'T powder the inside, ONLY powder the outside of your onahole.

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  • | 1/19/2023

    The User Experience is sublime and the bottle is Refillable

    The powder clings very well and does not clump. It dispenses, spreads, and rubs in good without dispersing into the air or forming clumps. A bottle that works this well being refillable is a huge plus too.

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  • | 12/22/2022

    Well Executed

    I will state that usually these powders are highly overpriced but this is a decent powder for the price asked for. First, it is only 50 grams, which read out to a relatively large volume, and you don't use much of this. Onahole powder is a mixture of silver and some lengthener (likely Talc) in order to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. More importantly, it refreshes the outside of the toy causing it to be less sticky and have a skin-like feel to it again. Unlike a lot of the others, this comes in a bottle which makes it easy to dispense instead of a tiny bottle where you need to measure carefully. With this, you don't need a lot in order to get the desired effect and when used properly can greatly lengthen the life of your toy.

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