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otonaJP Onahole Dry Stand

by otonaJP Originals
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perfect Stand to dry your male masturbator

Drying your onaholes and any other male masturbators after washing can be a pain but otonaJP has found a solution for you. With the otonaJP Onahole Dry Stand you can dry up to four onaholes at once after washing them. Made with antibacterial stainless steel, the otonaJP Onahole Dry Stand is the perfect solution to make sure all fluids dry out of your onahole while mold has no chance. Also perfect to apply powder on your onaholes or antibacterial or cleaning spray. Handle your onaholes with ease with this high quality and solid Onahole Dry Stand.

The otonaJP Onahole Dry Stand features
  • Stand for drying your onahole or male masturbator after washing
  • made by antibacterial stainless steel
  • very solid and stable made
  • can dry up to 4 onaholes at once
  • otonaJP exclusive


3 Customer Reviews for otonaJP Onahole Dry Stand

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by [Classified] June 27, 2020
Good start but needs improvement

I bought this thinking it would be all i ever needed to dry onaholes and such and it does it's job but heavier onaholes you need to put something under/against it to hold it up otherwise the stand in my experience ends up coming out of the top pushing the material and that would destroy it very quickly. Otonajp could fix this by adding something that would hold onaholes up such as a piece of metal going horizontally across the stand with a bit hanging out the side to support it, each one could have it on different places incase the onahole was bigger and required more room.

+Works well, even better with some modification
+Easy to set up and pack up
+ Doesn't take up much room

- Can go through the back/top of onaholes if they're heavy enough, destroying them

by Patrick May 3, 2019

Ok so i know the guy above had problems with tearing. but if you throw something under one you know is going to be bottom heavy then it works. The puna 10000 for example is drying on there right now and i am using Alexa to hold the butt up to keep it from tearing. it's quite an amusing site to see actually lol. but yeah if your carfule with it, it can become a very great and easy way to keep gross things from the inside of your holes. no one wants to smell onahole smega right? lol

by Anonymous December 27, 2018
Good idea but with faults

I saw this dry stand by chance and thought this would definitely be better than my former drying approach of putting the holes on a paper towel and leaning them against some bottles.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and have a mixed opinion.
+ The holes are definitely dryer this way due to the metal bars keeping them open
+ Even tighter holes can be put on it without any issues since they will be wet inside
+ While not for public display, it looks way better than my previous drying method
o The 4 drying positions seem useless to me. Why would you want to dry 4 holes at once? An onahole party with your friends?
- It's way too light. I've mostly put "Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory" on it and I have to be careful about which side of it is more heavy to put in on the inner side of the dry stand, otherwise it simply falls over. And this is a very small and light hole. For me it's not really an issue but I imagine people with heavier and bigger holes will have trouble drying them unless balanced like in the product image.
- While not an issue with the dry stand itself, it's worth noting that my hole mentioned above tore at the top due to the weight the top of the metal bars puts at the top of the hole. Depending on the drying position I could see the metal bars creating a dent in the hole. But even after repositioning it every time that happened it only took a few weeks to create a tear.

I still like the idea and hope otonaJP improves this dry stand even though it looks like not all holes are "compatible" with this drying approach.

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