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otonaJP Originals Toy Bag Large

by otonaJP
Maker otonaJP
This beautiful Toy Bag is handmade in Japan and a otonaJP Original. The bag easily fits 2 - 3 medium sized Onaholes and is made of a breathable fabric. It can be washed and even ironed and has the otonaJP original Logo on the inside. This original otonaJP Toy Bag will last you a long time and is taking your Onahole storage to a whole new level.

The otonaJP Originals Toy Bag Large features:
  • Size 34 x 20cm
  • Easily fits 2 -3 medium sized Onaholes
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Handmade in Japan with the original otonaJP Logo
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/23/2022

    Fits Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo hip from Magic Eyes

    This bag is made of a soft canvas material and is very durable with a nice draw string. I bought this for my Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo which is 240x150x140 mm and it just barely fits. Once it's inside it is a snug fit but still has some breathable room. If you are buying this for a small/medium size hip, then anything bigger than the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo is not going to fit, but anything smaller should fit well.

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  • | 11/26/2021

    High quality and large size

    Definitely one of the best onahole toy bags you can find on the site. The cloth material is soft and breathable which makes you feel comfortable storing your delicate onaholes in. It can also easily fit 2 larger sized onaholes (eg. Julia +). A worthwhile investment and a must have for storing onaholes.

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  • | 9/17/2021

    High Quality and Spacious

    Can easily fit 2 or 3 onaholes if needed (make sure to separate them with something like a microfiber cloth so they don't "melt" together). The build quality is fantastic as well. Not much else to say; if you want a good bag to store multiple toys this is your best bet.

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  • | 6/1/2021

    Great quality

    It is made pretty well and it is a sizeable bag to fit the larger onaholes except hips. Although the description says "easily fits 2-3 medium sized Onaholes", please do not put more than one onahole together in one bag. The onaholes can/will fuse/stick together, it has happened to two of my onaholes.

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  • | 5/1/2021


    Good material and easy to store small toys. Bit pricey for just a bag, though.

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  • | 3/3/2021

    Extremely durable and better than standard bags

    It is common to seek safe storage for Onaholes but a lot of the time the bags provided are terribly flimsy and often break within couple times of use. OtonaJP's bag not only holds great quality but can also be equally as discreet in terms of hiding your onaholes. So far I've been passing it off as a laundry bag and it works a charm. Moreover the material is nice and smooth and is not rough on Onaholes. As something better than that of traditional bags, the use of strings to seal the bag is a lot more efficient than having a zipper as the quality of the zipper in traditional bags is extremely low and often breaks after a couple times of use. Overall, it is worth the money as something that is high in quality and great in size!

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  • | 4/15/2020

    Muito bom

    Coube as minhas coleções de boca da verdade, muito bom pra separar por categorias opss coube 3 e sobrou espaço pra mais um

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  • | 7/19/2018

    Own Branded storage Bag

    The bag is very well made and a good size can fit around 4-6 small onaholes and two large.

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  • | 7/14/2018


    Works very well for medium-sized onaholes as shown in the pictures. The cloth texture helps to keep things less oily.

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