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Peace 360ml

Lotion by Rends

the famous Peace lotion

  • Maker: Rends
  • Product Type: Lotion


The Peace lotion by Rends is one of the most popular lotions worldwide. It is known for its outstanding quality. The Peace lube is slightly sticky but has a high viscosity. It remains smooth for a long time and even a little bit will do the job already perfectly thanks to the very concentrated and firm structure. The amount of 360ml that comes in this bottle easily lasts you for a while, even with daily use. The Peace lube is your solution for any male masturbator or play with your partner.

The Peace lotion by Rends features
  • one of the most popular lotions in Japan
  • sticky with a high viscosity
  • 360ml Volume
  • perfect for every male sex toy or any other toy or occasion


1 Customer Reviews for Peace 360ml

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by Bonerinfield November 24, 2018
Sticky, not pricy !

It was my first lube I bought years ago, and trust me it was really good.

It's really crazy to use it with a warmer.

The slide you'lle get with it will be in your memory for a long time ; well, it's still there in mine.

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