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Petite Devil Kohai Legendary Hip

Hip Onahole by Loscul
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large waist and butt masturbator for men

The Petite Devil Kohai Legendary Hip is a large male masturbator, a complete Hip with a Vagina and Anal hole for penetration. The Legendary Hip was modeled after a young petite girl and resembles the experience with a young inexperienced women perfectly. Made with a durable and smooth single layer material are both holes offering a complete different sensation, just like in real life. Wether you choose to discover her fresh and young Vagina first or experience her Anal hole, you can have it completly your way with the Petite Devil Kohai Legendary Hip. The overall size and weight feels solid enough even for some wild sessions of making love to this young petite girl. Comes bundled with a small pack of lube to have your first 1-2 sessions with her.

The Petite Devil Kohai Legendary Hip male sex toy by Loscul features

  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • large complete Hip onahole
  • two holes for penetration - Vagina and Anal
  • resembles a young girl
  • onahole weight about 2200 Grams / measurements approx. 210x220x120mm
  • small pack of lube included

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Brand: LosculProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/18/2023

    Wait for a sale

    I bought this on a whim during the golden week sale solely because of the very eye-catching box art and hip design. It's even more impressive in person; very toned belly with a cute belly button, nicely shaped ass with just enough size to it. One little complain I have is how the chemical smell seems to take ages to wear off. It takes almost a whole week to wear off in the open. However, if we have to consider everything, it's not really worth buying at full price. The anal hole is really flimsy, the entrance is stupidly small and it just feel like you are thrusting into a loose hole with barely any real texture to it. The vaginal hole is a bit better, the bumps are quite nice. Coupled with how it's a comfortable snug fit for cowgirls, I had fun using it. It can be a lot better though. TLDR: It's an amazing box art, amazing look, holes are eh, buy it on a sale/10

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  • | 11/20/2022

    Just Alright

    This hip Onahole is pretty pricey and heavy for what you get. The harder version has good texture in the holes but the whole thing is actually on the small side and a lot of the 2.2kg goes into the legs that end up just being in the way since they are not quite stiff enough to effectively prop the hip up for use on a table. This onahole was just a bit too pricey to be fully satisfying to me.

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  • | 1/26/2022

    its nice

    in short this is a nice and soft toy that does the job right. in the long way this is a nice and soft sex toy that to be honest i just like hugging is not like i'm being weird like that or something its just that it's got this nice squish and soft smell to it making it so i just want to touch it. to be hone's after doing small amount of research on this i found out there is a normal version and a soft version of this toy. and to be honest if this is the normal version i wonder just how much softer the soft one can be ( i think it is the softer one). now going on to the feeling of it i can but also can't feel it i mean like it pleases me but like i can't feel it well that much so if the insides could be a bit harder i would have it a bit harder or i may just have a desensitised shaft and the heaviness to it gives it a hint of realism. but this being my first hip toy all i can soy to it is just that it feel nice and if i didn't have it and wanted a new one around this price range id buy it (i don't know the average size of a hip but the Shimapan Striped Panty Collection does not fit this)

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