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Ponkotsu Guardian Alternative Lv 999 Hard

by Kiteru Kiteru
Hard Pocket Pussy
Maker Kiteru Kiteru
The Ponkotsu Guardian Alternative Lv 999 Hard Onahole is a male masturbator made by Kiteru Kiteru and the successor to their previously successful Ponkotsu toys. The outside of this onahole is made from a super stretchy and Firm material that is easy to clean and feels great to squeeze. The inner tunnel is made from a different material that consists of many tentacle-like nubs that will massage, stroke and envelop your member in snug and stimulating grip until the very end. This is a hard-type onahole, so you can be sure that this little warrior love tunnel will leave you fully relaxed and relieved after every session. The box comes with a great Anime artwork which is a great addition to every collection.

The Ponkotsu Guardian Alternative Lv 999 Hard Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Onahole By Kiteru Kiteru
  • Dual-Layer Design for Great Sensations
  • Tight & Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 327 Grams
  • Length: 140 mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 12/14/2019

    Ponkotsu Guardian Alternative Lv 999 Hard Onahole Review: Cute and innocent anime girl turns out to be an intense Carnictis-like!

    The Kiteru Kiteru Ponkotsu Guardian Alternative Lv 999 Hard Onahole was on the "New Arrival 10% Discount", decided to get it. Used a couple of times now, so here's the review: Packaging and add-ons: Uses a classic anime trope: "cute and innocent" looking RPG anime girl with "light armor” to expose breast/thighs. Box is quite busy with lots of text and coloring, so can be a bit distracting. Picture of the onahole with the 4 contact sections, since it is quite long and deep inside to fully see all the textures. Upon opening the box, under cover art, the girl completely changes and is dominating you (won’t spoil it). Came with a Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant (bottle) and promotional cleaning wipes from the Rakuchin Onahole Support Kit. Onahole: Specs as per picture/information on box. Smooth outer texture feeling, doesn't get mushy when wet. Small bumps throughout the outside for better grip. The insert hole design has 3 ribbed spiral-like inward structures that help push foreskin back compared to regular designs. In addition, it also creates suction for penis as opposed to being visually like a vagina. Section #2 is similar to the insert hole, with notable air pockets on the side. Not sure if this was designed to have more vacuum between the parts, but you can definitely feel it on the penis head when initially putting it in. Final 2 sections are for stimulation and ejaculation finishing. Overall, amazing since the insertion gets through all the different sections, and during movement, each section is focused on a certain portion of the penis. Fun fact: The onahole looks like a “Carnictis” from the King Kong movie lore. Cleaning: Because of the multiple sections of the onahole and the air pockets between insert hole and section #2, I though it would be extremely difficult to clean and remainders would be trapped inside these areas. This is especially true if the material is firm on the outside that prevents flipping inside-out. But it is very easy to flip to get to these sections. Further cleaning inside is about ~1-2 inches, very easy for a fingered cloth to ensure reach. The insert hole design has 3 ribbed spiral-like inward structures can also be cleaned to ensure the entire part and not just of the front are cleaned. Powdering, although not mentioned, would be recommended for the interior since it’s probably not good to leave it flipped inside-out and wear out the outer material. Overall, very impressed with the design to have it be cleaned effectively. TL,DR: Cute and innocent anime girl turns out to be an intense Carnictis-like onahole. Amazing design for stimulation on all parts of the penis as well as for effective cleaning. Excellent materials for outer and inner. Very satisfied! Highly recommended!

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