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Puni Ana SukeSuke DX

Hip Onahole by EXE
Exciting "See Through" Version of the Puni Ana Masturbator
Maker EXE
Product Type Hip Onahole
The famous Puni Ana Hip Male Masturbator by EXE Japan just got an exciting makeover. The Puni Ana SukeSuke DX Onahole features all the superb features of the original Puni Ana DX, but now it comes with a special see-through material so you can enjoy the visual delights of watching as you penetrate either her delightfully snug pussy or her tight anal tunnel. This is a perfect toy for those who are very visual and if you've never had the pleasure of trying an onahole made from translucent materials, we highly recommend it. The Puni Ana SukeSuke DX features all the highlights of the Puni Ana range such as amazingly soft yet durable materials, superb build quality, and highly stimulating tunnels - and of course, the famous box art featuring the blonde Puni Ana mascot beauty.

The Puni Ana SukeSuke DX Onahole Features:
  • Hip Male Masturbator by EXE
  • Two Penetrable Holes (Anal & Vaginal)
  • Tight & Stimulating Inner Tunnels
  • Translucent (See-Through) Materials for Visual Enjoyment
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 2200 Grams
  • Dimensions: 210 x 200 x 100 mm
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 12/13/2021


    really soft and feels great, asked for packaging removal and they did a excellent job, looking forward to working with them again! thank you!

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  • | 5/1/2021

    Feels exactly like a Puni Ana DX hard, just see-through

    It's an interesting concept, a bit hard, and surprisingly enough it's not that fun to watch your dick go in and out, because you can barely see a thing, it's not so transparent so you can see just a blurry smudge. Feeling wise it's exactly the same as a DX hard. Feels good, as always.

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  • | 12/23/2020

    It's a Puni Ana, so you know it's nice

    It's a bit soft, but feels good. I'm still not a fan of the newer vaginal entrance design, but it's much easier to get into this one than the Kiwami due to the softness. It's great if you have an average or below average member. The softness is great for squeezing the butt, and the anal entrance is actually more snug than I expected, so, yay. Easy to clean, do to the hole going all the way through, and you can use a small plug on the top to give some great suction to both holes. And seriously, the box art just gets better and better with this series.

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