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Puni Mitsu Standard

by EXE
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Maid themed Puni Ana Pocket Pussy
Maker EXEProduct Type 97

Ever fantasised of having your very own personal sexy maid to polish your equipment? The Puni Mitsu Standard Onahole is a maid-themed premium male masturbator by EXE Japan that will deliver that very fantasy. Her pussy is tight and snug and consists of a meandering tube veiled in thick soft nubs that feel amazing rubbing along the length of your shaft. Squeeze out the air before sliding inside and this sexy housekeeps's love tunnel will tightly grip and suck at your member until you reach a satisfying climax. This standard firm yet durable male masturbator is part of EXE's popular Puni Ana Onahole range that is known for providing great pleasure in a well-made toy. The box design also features the amazing artwork of the cute maid drawn by Maruku in his unmistakably unique style - a design that will surely please any box collectors.

The Puni Mitsu Standard Sex Toy Features:

  • part of Exe's famous Puni Ana series
  • Maid Theme
  • Stretchy Materials
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 430 Grams
  • Dimensions: 165 x 79 mm

User Reviews

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  • | 11/20/2022

    Nice and tight

    I'm glad this was my first onahole. Good stimulation, good tightness, and lasted a long time (could have been longer if I had properly maintained it). I recommend!

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  • | 5/27/2021

    Pretty good

    Quite stimulating, not too much. Easy to clean, seems fairly durable. For the price, I would recommend to people who have never bought an onahole before. (This was one of the first I bought, along with a couple others)

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  • | 12/23/2020

    Not what i expected, but i am pleased

    Not really a fan of the softer holes so i got this version instead of the softer one, i thought it was just a regular hole but the key factor here was the thick end portion. The end portion allow me to go hard and this hole builds up the sensation over time( so i feel its meant for a long session ). Although the hole is not the softer version I do feel it is quite soft and pleasant to touch. Cleaning was relatively easy also as it is a straight hole design TLDR: overall a fantastic hole 10/10 would recommend

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  • | 12/3/2020

    Oof its tight.

    Pros first: Feels really good. Is not too pricey. Cons: Its a bit too small imo (not very deep). Its really tight so if you are packing a bigger one it might miscomfort you a little. Due to its tightness its hard to clean/dry without pulling it inside out, which will ultimately damage it. Softness: 5/10 (raw steak) Durability: 6/10 (it will break when used rough) Value: 7.5/10 because its not too pricey. I like it but I think I'll order the soft version at some point, because the normal one is really tight and my PP hurts after using it.

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  • | 8/23/2020

    First onahole

    I choose this as my first onahole, since I heard good things about the Puni Ana series. It certanly brings a different sensation that the common way, the nubs feel nice as you pass through. I've used it some what frequently for the past three months and there's no sign of visible damage, so it seems it will last for a while. Overall, a solid choice for the price range.

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