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Pure Strawberry Lotion

Lotion by Tama Toys
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Maker Tama ToysVolume 120ml (4.06oz) Release 2016Product Type Lotion

The Pure Strawberry Lotion has a super moisture texture and is the perfect match for your masturbator, love doll or personal play. It has a nice fruity Strawberry smell to it and comes in a 120ml bottle. The artwork on the bottle itself is worth the purchase. Tama Toys is simply never letting us down. A high quality product that was manufactured in Japan.

User Reviews

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  • | 12/27/2018

    Very faint scent

    Since there was barely anything left in my Onatsuyu bottle, I decided to get this lotion next. The reasons were obviously the promised scent as well as the artwork. The lotion itself is fine and I didn't have any issues with it. However, as mentioned in the other review the scent is basically non-existent. If you smell the opening of the bottle closely, you can vaguely perceive something but that's about it. The smaller bottle opening is useful for smaller holes but in contrast there is way less content than in Onatsuyu. If you're like me and don't really care about prices for products like these, it's definitely a nice lotion with a faint fruity scent and a cute artwork. But objectively, there are definitely products out there with better value for your money.

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  • | 2/6/2017

    Strawberry Fields Forever

    Not so fast! So this Lotion appeared to be a perfect product for myself as I love that fruity smell from girls hand cream back in my high school days. I was so confident this would give me a punch of potent strawberry that I planned when to use it and avoid my room smelling like a strawberry stand for others. One problem, I popped it open tried my best to smell it to no avail, applied a healthy portion and there was some smell but I wouldn't say very strawberry. Went ahead and while I did get some of the aroma it is very little; even after casting aside my ambitious expectations. That said, the bottle functions excellently and I like the smaller form factor compared to the likes of Onatsuyu Lotion's bottle. The feel is flawless and performs very well. The description summarized the real defining part of this product "The artwork on the bottle itself is worth the purchase".

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