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Real Body 3D Bone System Vampire Tale Maria=Nardahl

by SSI Japan
US$262.94 save US$55.44
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Realistic Big Scale Torso masturbator for men
Maker SSI Japan

The Real Body 3D Bone System Vampire Tale Maria=Nardahl is part of the popular Real Body series by SSI Japan. This naughty Vampire Witch themed Torso will take your breath away with its realistic modeled Body. Her tits are really a good handful and are nicely shaped. They feel realistic, perky and her rock hard nipples are inviting you to suck on them. Going further down on her we see nice details such as Abs and a cute belly button. Surely the real main attraction are her both holes, each of them with a unique and fascinating experience and stimulation. With the overall weight of the Real Body 3D Bone System Vampire Tale Maria=Nardahl which is about 7kg, is the Doll really steady and can be used in various positions and situations. Like to be a little rough when taking her? She can surely take it. The inside has a unique 3D Bone system as the name suggests which adds to the realism and steadiness of the Doll. It gives an overall much more life like feeling than purely silicone made Torso onaholes.

The Real Body 3D Bone System Vampire Tale Maria=Nardahl male sex toy by SSI Japan features

  • High Quality Sex Doll from Japan
  • Vampire Gothic themed
  • has a real 3D bone system on the inside for additional realism
  • two unique holes for penetration
  • overall weight of about 7000 Grams
  • measurements are approx. 430x240mm
  • small pack of lubricant included

User Reviews

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  • | 5/14/2022


    good design. firm, good quality. feels nice both on the outside and inside. and an excellent pillow. biggest problem I have so far is it's a bit annoying to clean up but that's to be expected for a toy this size.

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  • | 6/6/2021

    A pleasurable doll with some quality control issues for a decent price

    This doll feels great in the hands, and is very well sculpted. The weight is nice, as is the interior bone structure. The two holes are extremely pleasurable. However, it is slightly smaller than I expected (not alarmingly so, and partially my fault since measurements are provided). The two major issues I have with the doll, however (and these are significant) - 1) Close to the surface of the "skin" there are several places where air bubbles are trapped, making the outer layer more fragile, and prone to mis-shaping slightly. 2) When I was washing the doll in the tub, one of the nipples just fell off. It was not being treated roughly at all. The two quality issues do not prevent the doll from functioning, which is why I didn't make the quality score lower than 3, and the value score is still 4. However, they are horrible for the overall aesthetic, which is part of the doll's appeal, and severely disappointing for me.

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  • | 5/15/2021

    A great girlfriend substitute, but cleanups are guaranteed to annoy.

    First thing's first, if you have a girlfriend who you see regularly, don't bother getting this. The cleanup times aren't particularly worth the textures it has to offer. But if you are looking for a torso toy because you either aren't in a relationship, or if you do have one but don't see her often, then this is a great substitute if you just want the feeling of a girl's body next to or on top of your own. With that out of the way, let's get to aesthetics. It looks great. I was a little bit disappointed that the collarbones just felt like the usual squishy TPE and weren't made more solid by the inner bone structure. That said, the rest of the body feels pretty well constructed and realistic enough. I am glad it has the inner bone structure, because I've heard some torsos don't and they flop around more. This thing is solid though, and has a good weight to it. Having it on top of you would definitely add an element of realism. I just want to repeat how great it looks. In terms of size/proportions, it is a little bit smaller than I expected (but not by much). Its height/length is fairly close to the real size of a woman's torso, but it would be a very petite woman. It's not particularly wide, and I'd say the proportions are somewhat unrealistic, but not extremely so. I think it's proportioned the way it is to make it more convenient during use. I like the breasts on this one. I have a thing for girls with smaller to medium sized breasts and I'd say these fall into that category, with just the right amount of perkiness too. I've seen a lot of torsos with huge breasts, and it's usually a turn off for me. It does have a bit of that TPE chemical smell, straight out of the box. I'm sure a few uses/washes will solve that though. The textures are pretty good, but aren't my favourite. If I was only concerned about the textures feeling incredible, then I'd either use my Meiki ZXY or my Mecha Uma Nene Yoshitaka. The vaginal sleeve is nice, almost fluffy in sensation. Feels just right. I probably wouldn't like it as much if it wasn't combined with the overall weight and size of the toy that adds a higher sense of realism. The anal sleeve, for a long portion of it, is basically a straight tunnel with subtle lines running along the tunnel all around the hole. As expected, the anal sleeve is tighter and feels less "friendly" than the vaginal sleeve. As I described the vaginal sleeve as being "fluffy", I'd describe the anal sleeve as being a bit more "aggressive". I'd say the vaginal sleeve is overall more stimulating, though. There's just more going on in the vaginal sleeve than the anal sleeve, but neither option is particularly intricate. I think I'll use this toy less often for sexual purposes, simply because the cleanup is a chore. If you have a bath, it may be easier to just put in a bath full of water and clean it out that way. Otherwise, you'd have to clean it out in the shower and it can be pretty unwieldy. The drying process isn't too bad though. I just dry the outside of the toy by wrapping it up in a towel, dabbing the moisture off of it. For the internals I just used the usual microfiber cloth and drying stick that I use for all other onaholes/fleshlights. Outside of using it for masturbation, I suppose it could make for a good sleep aid for lonely dudes on lonely nights. It doesn't come with any lube, so be prepared with your own if you do decide to buy it. Overall, I really like this thing. Especially from an aesthetic point of view. But if you're looking for something that only operates as a masturbation tool, then I probably wouldn't get a torso. Regular onaholes are cheaper, often have better textures and are much, much easier to clean.

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  • | 4/7/2021


    This was the first type of "Toy" I ever really purchased and as stated above it is FANTASTIC. It has a nice weight to it, very soft and pretty darn easy to take care of plus, the artwork on the inside and outside are incredibly nice to look at, I really dig the appearance of this product. I'd 100% recommend this to people who want to upgrade to something a little better than a basic "toy".

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  • | 3/23/2021

    All around what I was looking for

    This is the first Torso Onahole for me, but not the first onahole for me. I like the artwork. The feel is nice once you get the new onahole residue off. The breasts are firm and can be used for leverage. Jt's weighty enough to enjoy the motion. My only issue is I am on the girthier side so getting in is difficult for me. All in all I would recommend it, just don't expect the complimentary lube packet, it seems to not be included.

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