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Real Erogame Situation! Hx3 Satogami Yuri

by Tama Toys
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Hentai Pocket Pussy that comes with a Free DVD
Maker Tama Toys

Weight 310 Grams
Dimensions 150x65mm

User Reviews

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  • | 2/20/2022

    For my opinion It's worth it

    I love her so much.

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  • | 10/18/2021

    Meh Average

    i adore her but the onahole itself is really soft and not so stimulating but! good for long session.

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  • | 4/14/2021

    Absolutely Stimulating

    As the previous reviewers stated; Yuri is best girl, no further debate. First off, the box cover art is real nice as it shows Yuri's carefree personality being the main staple, if it weren't for the onahole itself, i'd probably wank it off to the box art cover, lol. Also, it comes with a dvd segment of Yuri's scene from the game of the same title, not to be confused with the Hentai Animation we're all so familiar with. Another nice addition was a small keychain of yuri herself, apparently there are two types you could get, but it seems to be random which you'll end up receiving. Anyways, reviewing the onahole. The texture on the outside is as you would expect from anything at this price range. While not obviously cheap; it does more than enough to be satisfying to touch. Now, the insides is the real takeaway of this product. The stimulation is BONKERS, I haven't had a hole that stimulated me this much from beginning to end! The Entrance is easy enough to penetrate so long as you have lubed up, once your member makes its way through, the swirls in the middle envelop you further before ultimately reaching what I would describe as "You cum you lose" zone at the end where you'll be met by a group of bumbs that wrap your member's head and with each further stroke you take will make you cum in no time! tl;dr, Yuri's hole is overstimulating, Box Art cover is wank material, bonus dvd of yuri's scene from the game and one of two keychains of Yuri.

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  • | 1/18/2021

    Love Everything Except the Onahole...lol

    Let's get this out of the way first: I absolutely adore Yuri from Real Eroge Situation. She's definitely best girl for me. Anyway, this order includes a free DVD with Yuri's image on it and a keychain with Chibi Yuri on it, which is MECHA KAWAII and a huge plus for me! The hole itself is super soft, with cute lil lips are just fun to play with. Unfortunately, since it's designed by Tama Toys, it has a few issues. 1) It has a strong chemical smell that remains after a few washes. Granted, I only smell it within 5cm of my nose, but still... 2) It tears real easily. I don't know if it's cuz of its softness or Tama Toys' lack of quality control. 3) Although the insides are generally soft and comfortable (like a real vagina), there are large bumps at the end that are too rough for me. Even my love for Yuri can't make me love this cheapass hole. So ironically, I would keep the DVD, the keychain, and even the box itself for Yuri's adorable pictures, but I would chuck the onahole itself in the trash...lmao

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  • | 10/23/2020

    Meaty and stimulant!

    The "Real Erogame Situation" set is being a pleasant surprise. This one in particular reflects the character very well. Meaty, cute and very naughty. The textures near the end of this OnaHole are dangerously stimulating. Definitely a good start for OnaHole users.

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