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Sagami Original 001 (5 pcs)

Condom by Sagami Original
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Product Type: Condom

World thinnest Condoms from Japan

Get the thinnest and bets Condoms ever from Japan. The original Sagami Condom in its 0.01 Version. Its so thin than you feel like not even wearing a condom and this is exactly the point. Be safe while still feeling everything. There is a reason Sagami Condoms are famous worldwide and often being taken to overseas as a gift. Regular condoms versus Sagami is clearly a Day and Night difference. Try them and you will not be disappointed.

The Sagami Original 001 features
  • Sagami Original Condoms from Japan
  • Ultra thin with only 0.01 Millimeter
  • the feeling f using them is close to not even wearing a Condom
  • 5 pieces inside the Box


1 Customer Reviews for Sagami Original 001 (5 pcs)

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by Misha July 9, 2018
Thinnest Condom in the world!

I've used 0.03 and 0.01s many times. you have to get the 0.01 since it gives more REAL feel than the others. the .02 difference really changes the feel. Almost like no condom on. The packaging is top notch, single serving containers with peel back lid. But that kind of packaging and branding comes with a price, ¥1,080($10) for a 5pc pack of condoms that is ¥200($2) a 1pc.
Feel - 4/5
Quality - 4.5/5
Price - 2/5

Final thoughts (in my opinion): is it worth it? No, but if you have not tried 0.01 yet then do pick these up and try them out

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