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Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukada Eimi - Fella Man 2 Way Hole

by EXE
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JAV Star Fukada Eimi's Vagina and Mouth in one Toy
Maker EXE

If you had the chance to have a sexual encounter with JAV star Eimi Fukada, would you choose her pussy or oral sex? Tough decision isn't it? Japanese toymaker EXE Japan have realised this predicament and come to the rescue with a superb male masturbator that lets you enjoy both, yes both, of Eimi's tight pussy and warm and wet mouth. The Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukadami Eimi - Fella Man 2 Way Hole is a double-sided onahole with a superb replica of Eimi's mouth on one side and a clone of her pussy on the other. Eimi's inner tunnel is connected in the middle and is veiled in thick nubs and other exciting stuff running throughout her inner chambers. Whether you choose to penetrate her mouth or pussy, your member is in for some superb stimulation - with the pussy end feeling just like a real pussy, and the Eimi's mouth feeling just like real oral sex from herself. There is simply no better choice of masturbator than the Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukadami Eimi - Fella Man 2 Way Hole for true fans of Eimi Fukada.

The Seriously Reproduced AV Star Fukadami Eimi - Fella Man 2 Way Hole Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by EXE Japan
  • JAV Star Theme
  • Double-Sided, Pussy & Mouth Toy / Replica of JAV Star Eimi Fukada's Mouth & Pussy
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 389 Grams
  • Dimensions: 175 x 62 mm

User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/22/2023

    Fans Only

    While a decent length, if you're average size you can find yourself running it all the way through. Meaning that if you use any decent amount of lube it can be fairly easy to make a mess. Though the stimulation from both ends at the same time can be nice, don't expect much from the rest of the design. Fans will be able to find plenty to enjoy, but everyone else is better off looking somewhere else.

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  • | 8/20/2022

    Simple onahole for simple use

    The product is a single type of TPE which is soft but a bit inflexible for penetrating. You can stretch it but it tends to keep its shape so at least its durable. It comes with appealing box art and a single lotion packet. Both ends have simple designs, not too detailed or realistic. I couldn’t say if the mouth matches Eimi’s and it turns out I find partial faces a bit off-putting to look at. The vagina end has small lips with an even smaller slit which I found difficult to re-enter if it came off mid-stroke. The mouth end has teeth and tongue which are somewhat stimulating and the internal lining has small nodules. Using it definitely felt tight as it doesn’t really open up into a larger cavity, and with the nodules being so small there isn’t an opportunity to really feel the stimulation. The other issue is that lube tends to get forced out the opposite side during use. Heating it with say hot water does help and it’s very easy to clean but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it comes with a discount or you’re a fan of Eimi Fukada products.

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