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Sexual treatment of a lady nurse AIKA

Based on JAV Star by NPG
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Product Type: Based on JAV Star, Double Layer Onahole

Male masturbator based on japanese porn star Aika

You better be prepared for this. The Sexual treatment of a lady nurse AIKA onahole lets you have sex with the stunning japanese porn Star Aika, dressed up as a Nurse. Its difficult to think how this could become any better, thanks to NPG we have the chance to enjoy this. The entrance shows Aika's stunning Vagina lips in a sweet light pink color. The inside makes you crazy with dots and tight twists, emptying your tank for sure. The Sexual treatment of a lady nurse AIKA onahole comes with lost of sexy pictures and artworks of her, firing up that fantasy of Nurse Aika checking and treating your Body. Being treated by a nurse never have been any better.

The Sexual treatment of a lady nurse AIKA onahole by NPG features
  • Male sex toy based on the Japanese porn star Aika
  • enjoy Sex Nurse Aika whenever you want
  • highly detailed male masturbator by NPG
  • onahole weight about 350 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 170x70x60mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


2 Customer Reviews for Sexual treatment of a lady nurse AIKA

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by "Why yes, I'm single" October 3, 2019
High quality and a beautiful design for an extremely affordable price

Now the first thing i noticed after opening the box was "SWEET! A WHOLE BOTTLE OF SURPRISE LUBE!"
I knew i was in for a good time. There isn't much criticism to dish out here other than the fact that the coloration of the lips will dissapear really quickly. It feels great in the hand, and other places as well... I didn't expect it to feel so tight, just about on par with an anal style type i own, quite a surprise, but a welcome one for sure.
If you're looking for a normal, high quality toy this one is just that. It doesn't have any super unique gimmicks, it's jut a fantastic, straight forward experience. I will also mention how it's got a perfect weigth/size proportion. It feels solid and creates more of a vacuum than lighter toys, while still not feeling overly heavy and clumsy. Perfectly plump. One little detail that sticks out every time I use it is how halwfay through you have to really fight to get all the way in, which gives it a bit of a twist, or maybe that's just me. The opening itself can also be a bit tricky to get into, love it or hate it, shouldn't be a dealbreaker. After some use there's been no real damage, only super minor scratches by the opening, which is always to be expected. Holding up great.

For 21 bucks it's an absolute steal. wholy recommended if you're not looking for anything super specific or if you're just curious.
-See you space cowboy

by Nikolas December 11, 2018
Ready for Duty

Nice, full stimulation makes for a amazing experience. Good weight and easy to handle. Cleaning can take a little effort, but well worth it. Comes with a bottle of lotion, very smooth and slick. An excellent deal for fans and those looking for a good JAV onahole.

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