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Shimapan Striped Panty Collection

by Tama Toys
Start or Expand your Shimapan Collection
Brand Tama Toys
Fans of cute striped panties will love the Shimapan Striped Panty packs by Tama Toys. Each pack contains one random pair of striped pants so you can expand your collection, or start it if they're your very first pair. There are a total of eleven different pants in the collection, each with a different colour - yet all looking super cute.

The Shimapan Striped Panty Features:
  • 1 Random Pair of High-Quality Pants
  • Cute "Shima" (Striped) Design
  • Made in Japan
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User Reviews

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  • | 2/4/2021

    One of the few things TamaToys is good for these days

    Outfits and lubricant. That's about it. The only good thing TamaToys does these days. What about those scents? Most of those are garbage. Sure, once in a while, they come out with some pretty decent onaholes. But those are few and it takes a long time for them to come out with one. Only for them to then take said hole off the market. For shame. These shimapan are pretty damn good. They are as advertised. 11 different kinds of shimapan. Their only difference being the color. Now, I ordered a total of 12 of these. Theoretically speaking, that would mean that I'd be able to get one of each color. And then one extra. Yes, theoretically. In reality, I have one of eight of the colors. The ones I have twice? Cyan and peach. So far, that's only ten. Yeah, I have grey-brown three times. At least I have a lot to play with. As soon as a doll would arrive. While I feel like TamaToys actually did a good job (for once), I also feel like these are supposed to be a cheaper replacement for the School Girl Pants they used to make. In all, these are decent, and a lot of fun to play with. You can even spray some scents on them, if that's what floats your boat.

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