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Silicone Infinity Ring

by Tama Toys
Double Silicone Penis Ring
Maker Tama Toys
Product Type 273
The Silicone Infinity Ring is a double cock ring made by Tama Toys. It is thick and made of skin friendly material. It is durable and stays in position even during longer sessions. It is vert stretchable as well and can fit almost every size. The Silicone Infinity Ring helps you to stay hard as long as you want and adds a great portion of excitement to any kinky play you do with it.

The Silicone Infinity Ring by Tama Toys features
  • Silicone double penis ring
  • made by Tama Toys
  • thick and durable material
  • very stretchable
  • measurements 75x45x22mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/27/2019

    Silicone Infinity Ring - amazing design, excellent quality, only wish it can last an infinite number of uses

    I got the Silicone Infinity Ring after a similar ring, but different design snapped and broke, so here's the review: Silicone material: excellent quality, smooth finish. Characteristics: 1. Thickness quite impressive since to secure past both testicles, you need to stretch quite a bit. Therefore, the thickness uses about a 25-30% erectness/sturdiness level to be securely firm. Once it about 90%, it continues to be firm, but doesn't cut off stimulation. 2. After ejaculation, removal of the rings are quite easy and painless. Scrotum ring usually releases first since its the quickest to decrease in size. Spills and overflow wash off easily and doesn't get into any unnecessary spacing (forcing more wear and tear from those wash areas) that some ring designs have. 3. Symmetrical: This is quite interesting since it allows for balanced usage and wear. With other designs, there is usually the larger hole for the scrotum (to bypass the testicles, see #1). Because of this, wear on the scrotum ring usually breaks first. With this design, it allows the Silicone material to be balanced on both rings as you can tell which ring has been used for what. 4. Sizing: more than enough coverage to not interfere with penetration depth. Although could cover some vagina-penis hair contact. Overall, simplistic design and material make this an excellent product, expect it to be durable and used for quite some time. Absolutely recommend! If there was a disadvantage, it would be that it is too successful, and your hardness won't be as hard for normal sessions without it. ;)

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