Statement on PayPal payments

As of today, June 12th 2018, we have stopped accepting PayPal payments. Reason for that is that PayPal's new internal guidelines are prohibiting Adult related content, specially with the following themes and content:

Loli, Nudity, School Girl references, Scaled down Dolls with small Bodies as reference to possible underage naked bodies

PayPal gave us the option to erase any loli related content, hentai content as well as a big part of our whole product catalog. We refused to do so and to limit us and the selection we are offering our dear customers in such an unacceptable way. This wasn't the first time that such problems appeared beghing the scenes but the otonaJP team believes, that it was time to stand for what we believe and even though PayPal is a big company, to take actions in our hands. 

otonaJP does not only call itself an Adult Lifestyle Shop, we also live it and we stand for an open society in which everyone should be able to fulfil their dreams, fantasies and desires, without any prejudgement from third parties. We believe in equal opportunity, respect and care for everyone independent of race, gender, religion or sexual identity. 

otonaJP continues to offer the best selection of Adult items worldwide and we are still offering a wide range of payment options for our customers apart from PayPal.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us here.