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Sugoi Lotion

Lotion "Sugoi Lotion" by Ikebukuro Toys

high quality lubricant from Japan
  • Maker: Ikebukuro Toys
  • Sku: 凄いローション
Sugoi Lotion
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In Japanese "Sugoi" literally means Super or Great and this is what this lotion is all about. Being great for any use. The Sugoi Lotion by Ikebukoro Toys was made to fit any purpose and use. Coming in a beautifully designed bottle that shows traditional japanese erotic artwork, the Sugoi Lotion is great to use with your onaholes, any other toys or partner. It is pretty soft but still has a good firmness to it. The bottle make it easy to pour out only the amount you need and with 370ml of volume you can be sure to last long with this bottle. A high quality lube that have been designed and made in Japan.

The Sugoi Lotion by Ikebukoro Toys features
  • soft and firm lube
  • perfect for any use and occasion
  • designed and made in Japan
  • comes with a beautiful traditional japanese erotic artwork on the bottle
  • easy to pour

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