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Super Gal Prime Erotic Body

Torso Onahole by Magic Eyes
US$80.80 save US$26.90
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation VaginalFantasy Gal/GyaruHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 940g (2.07lbs)Length/Height 230mm (9.06in)Width 110mm (4.33in)Lotion included Yes Release May 30, 2023Product Type Torso Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 9/9/2023

    Great looks!

    I love the look of this tan, voluptuous young tight looking body! I like seeing my dick poke out of her torso, it makes my dick feel super big! The feeling is pretty good, but I wish the skin was thicker on the stomach side!

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  • | 8/24/2023

    Just a Review

    Size: Long type /// Pleasure: First few times are very tight, feels like sandpaper, after it got a bit loosen, it feels much better. Overall, it gives strong stimulation and its good. /// Cleaning: Easy /// Personal Comment: Highly recommend using it with gel type lotions, it provides different sensation.

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  • | 7/6/2023

    Great looks & Strong stimulation

    Goodies: - Great insert feeling - Strong stimulation - High level of detail - Nice tits with Perky nipples - It's tanned Baddies: - Lacks structural strength, i.e. easily bends around the chest area, thus you'll have to hold it the way it doesn't do it - Vortex like structure with lots of folds makes this one a little bit hard to clean, but it's not that big of a deal

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  • | 6/10/2023

    Buckle up

    This gal is awesome and I’m the one that needs to tell you about it. The whole build is firm, but still squishy and soft. She’s pretty hefty, but definitely one-handable if a scrawny guy like me can do it. The light tan is beautiful and the ass is wonderful and feels great when it comes back down. The tits are nice as well, but more of a visual than anything. Visual and handling: 9.5/10 And of course, let’s not forget the main attraction. The lips poke out a bit, very sexy, and the entrance is snug but not anaconda constrictor tight. The tunnel is lined with swirling rows of nodules that like to grip and stick to your man down under. The size is plenty for solid 6” so no worries there. Usage: 9/10 Now, of course, is what always comes last, the cleaning. Without tools like a sponge stick and drying stick, you’ll have a rough time. It’s not really something you can put a cloth in and dry so tools are a must. I highly recommend this care set for its excellent price and good products.(https://www.otonajp.com/otonajp-onaho-care-set-dx)Fortunately there are no crazy crevices so cleaning with water will do just fine. Durability is a bit hard to determine yet, but she feels like ballistic gel so I’m sure she can take whatever you can give. 8.5/10 And perhaps best of all is the price. All this for just 55 bucks is downright criminal. It’s currently marked down from $83 for some reason, but I would probably still get it for that price. Go get yourself this gal and you’ll be glad you did!

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