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Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin

Hentai Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Pocket Pussy based on the Hentai Game series Taimanin

Based on the hentai anime series Taimanin have PPP and LiLiTH teamed up again to bring you the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole. This busty and meaty male masturbator comes in at 600 Grams and is a real beast for a medium sized onahole. We have a wonderful detailed sculptured little Torso, in the typical Taimanin design with some nice round tits to play. The entrance shows a sexy little camel toe, guiding you to the internals where the action really starts. Made with a durable and stretchable single layer design, the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole is as wild as the Anime and Games are. About the first half is a tight curved tunnel with wavy textured walls. As you proceed, you pass tight rings which giving some intense pressure on your member, just to finish you off in a vacuum chamber that really deserves its name. Due to the size and weight, the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole easily can take in well hung members without any problems. Are you ready for your Taimanin adventure? Give her all you got!

The Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin male sex toy by PPP features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • based on the Hentai series Taimanin
  • collaboration between PPP and LiLiTH
  • detailed sculptured outside with nice tits
  • durable single layer design
  • weight of this onahole about 600 Grams
  • size of this onahole approx. 180x80mm
  • comes in a nicely designed box with a free sample lube


10 Customer Reviews for Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin

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by KibaLD July 9, 2020
The best onahole I have so far

As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine, and the price is really worth it. To start with, it is simply stimulating the figure of this, I love touching those small tits. The interior is very stimulating, it is true that you probably need more lubricant than in other onaholes, but the stimulation is greater.
Also the art of the box is simply one of the best I have seen, Shiranui Mizuki is a simply erotic character that seduces you and that every lover of hentai and MILF has ever wanted to fuck, and with this onahole you will make that dream come true .

by C Raider May 16, 2020
Not for long sessions

As some have mentioned, this is a highly stimulating design.
The bumps and ridges make it more difficult to last with this product.

Some say it's difficult to clean but I can wipe the insides with a cloth without much trouble. Takes more wipes than others but it's not a big difference.

Although nothing has broken off inside and the entrance remained intact, the product developed a small hole in the side after 4 months of regular use. It is likely because of how the canal has vertical lines across it. Do you see the three "lines" going across the canal nearing the end? Those lines reduce the thickness of the wall.
If your member has a tendency to get stuck on those lines, it is likely that the material there will be gradually worn down.
More lubrication will probably reduce that friction.

by Yu May 2, 2020
Broken after a week of use.

From my experience hole are suppose to last quite a long time but this product broke after just a week or two. A bubble formed on the back of the hole and exploded. Lube constantly leaks through it now so I bought a new one and honestly its amazing. The new one didn't break even after a few months so I might have just gotten a defective product. Still a great hole.

by Jelloman December 29, 2019
Great, but probably need 2 hands

Background Info: I've had this a month.
Length: 5 in.
Girth: 5 in.
Paired with thick lube (the one with Shiranui on it)

+ Very pleasing to look at, and erotic. Love playing with the oppai and when I am doing the deed, the ass works wonders for the imagination. And as many others have said, soft which is a plus for me.
+ Makes me tremble quickly (with a caveat). Feels awesome
+ I love the cameltoe
+ Box art is nice
+ That nub in the back is nice (though I have to try hard to hit it)

- Right after use, some of the material was broken off inside. Didn't change the sensation too much, but that's a minus for quality
- I've noticed something like skin peeling. I don't know if it's because I've done something wrong, but it's something that can happen
- I love cameltoes, but this onahole makes it hard to enter one handed. You have to make sure you're rock hard and immovable for penetration, or else you will require special maneuvers
- Gotta repeat what others have said, please be gentle-ish. While mine hasn't torn yet externally, cameltoe designs are prone to tearing

by Yu December 23, 2019
Best I have had

I love this thing its really great. The hole is fantastic and the sensation is top of the line. I had problems cleaning it but that might be my fault. Its super soft and smells pretty nice. If you are too rough with it though you might get a camel toe which is my only major problem with it. If you are thinking about getting it I would highly recommend it.

by FriendlyPervert September 13, 2019

+ Easy to clean
Thanks to it's softness
+ Nice shape
As usual with this series, they did a fantastic job for coming with an very original but amazing design
+ Resilient
This one only started to tear a little after 4 months
Like the character should be
+ Taimanin
Who doesn't like sexy nympho ninja
+ Good sensation, especially if you are bigger than the average
I especially like the little bulge at the end of it

- Camel toe
'Cause it's often easy to tear when you are too rough with it

by Martial Artist Ken September 7, 2019
You won't last more than 10 minutes.

The good:
This is way better than the other Taimanin onaholes out there. The insides feels really great, there's a deep tight hole inside that will grip you if your ochinchin is big enough.
Waves of pleasure, for sure.

The bad:
Entrance is too small. (at least for me, I'm above average in size but pretty girthy) But I found out that you don't need to pull far back for this onahole as staying inside and hitting that small hole works just fine.

Cleaning this thing is so much of a hassle, especially if you do not want to tear the insides and want the insides to be as clean and dry as possible. (I tried shoving in a really thin microfibre towel but it wouldn't reach the inner most part of the onahole, had to improvised by using a blow dryer on full power without heat and make it pass through a nozzle small enough just to "air dry" this thing out.

Overall, it's a pretty good product! I just wish there was an easy way of cleaning it.

by TEABAG April 20, 2019

NOTHING MUCH TO EXPLAIN. Most important thing is this hole is not for long session faps

by Tamanya March 27, 2019
Good, but oddly shaped

so, it's another one of those miniature butt-and-body onaholes that you can probs see the shape of your member through, but with boobs. I know what you're thinking—isn't that better? yes, to me, i found it new and interesting and kept trying the oppais but to no avail. anyway, the insides were pretty tight so it felt good, but the outside shape just looks straight odd. What are those pronounced lines above the thighs? why are they there? i mean, It does feel weird to hold it, but it feels perfectly fine when inserting your member. so, overall, it's pretty good and the price is more than reasonable, but just don't be surprised by the shape!

by Alvin March 24, 2019
Upgraded version of Rinko!

1. It's durable (compared to the other Taimanin holes), adds a subtle "hardness" to it.
2. It's wayyyyy more stimulating than Taimanin Rinko and some other holes (i have a huge collection to compare with)(the material used here highlighted the curves bumps twist and turns of the interior.)
3. It's big, tits and overall size, but the tightness is not compromised. The exterior design is 10/10, tits to play with ass to pinch. It can also serve as a sexy mouse pad with how flexible the middle(tummy) section is.

1. Not for long fapping sessions. Unless your member has lesser nerve cell than any other average member, this onahole will do you in very quickly.
2. Camel toe design for the entrance, which means 2 weak points(top and bottom of the camel toe) prone to tearing regardless of durability if you are being rough with it. (I tore my Yandere onahole on the third use, never again was i rough with the other onahole with camel toe design).

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