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Tama Toys Ataka Onahole Warmer

by Tama Toys
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USB powered warmer for male masturbators
Maker Tama Toys

This USB warmer comes in an adorable cute package and even if the package is not in any way helping to warm your onahole, it still feels good to get a so well packed and cute designed item. The Ataka Onahole Warmer by Tama Toys does perfectly what it is supposed to be. It warms up every onahole or male masturbator and of course Sex Doll holes and similar up in not more than 5 minutes. Enjoy a warm and pre heated hole! Specially when its cold outside a pre heated onahole is making a huge difference and adds a lot of quality and realism to your session, in comparison to one that has not been heated. After all, a real pussy or Anal hole is warm too, and so should your onahole be!

The Ataka Onahole Warmer by Tama Toys features

  • USB powered warmer for every onahole and male masturbator
  • takes no more than 5 minutes to heat up your onahole
  • 160mm long
  • Cord is 460mm long
  • genuine high quality item by Tama Toys Japan

User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/5/2019

    Not too warm and takes a while.

    First thoughts on this product are that the box art is cute and that the cord is a little short, it's about 17 in (35.5 cm). The warmer itself is durable and sleek and has no issue being washed all the way up to the cord so it's water tight. The warmer has a nice touch where it lights up when plugged in, but only at the base. Otherwise, it seems to only get warm when plugged in but not so much more than say your phone when it gets warm enough for you to notice. It still works but will take some time to adequately heat your plastic partner. Verdict: Acceptable but not exceptional. It does the job but at it's own leisurely pace.

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  • | 2/3/2019

    Doesn't do anything at all

    Maybe I am doing something wrong but even after 10-15 minutes it's not even remotely warm to the touch. Warm water does better job than this. Shame because the box art work is really cute.

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