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TENGA Spinner 03 SHELL

by Tenga
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Original Tenga masturbator

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 130 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 45x45x130mm

Maker: Tenga
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/13/2020

    A pleasant surprise

    I've always had an affinity for Tenga products, they tend to make something different every time than a standard straight cup. This time we have the mid range Spinner series with the gimmick being the molded springs between the sleeve. This gives an added twisting effect each time you stroke - its pretty surprising the first time! The best way I can describe the action is if you would picture yourself being wrapped around a tentacle! Each stroke glides the bumps around your member giving off a nice tight suction. If you are a fan of rotating your holes during play I highly recommend you give this line a go. As with all Tenga products this is really easy to clean, the material is soft and squishy and is much more durable than expected. Be mindful that due to the harder plastic the spiral is made from I would advise from inverting the sleeve at any point due to fear of breaking. The packaging is also pretty neat, it comes in a sleek discreet cylindrical casing to house the sleeve as well as a top stand that allows you to air the product out. The only potential downside I could think of is that because of the nature of the interior design, you would probably only get the one feeling during play. I would recommend experimenting with different methods than standard stroking and maybe you will find yourselves more surprised than I was.

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  • | 9/25/2019

    It's not just a gimmick!

    You can never go wrong with Tenga! (PSA: I'm Asian, don't have the biggest D like your favourite pornstars, only about 15cm long and as thick as a bratwurst[i'm sorry], circumcised for hygiene purposes which meas ) Grab wherever you want, and the watch the rest of the parts spin more than Gyro Zeppeli spun in Steel Ball Run. I've played with nearly all the Tenga toys(except those for ladies and reusable: cuz i can't find them), and i have to say Spinner is probably the most fun out of all the others. A good trick to play with this toy is to grab it with just thumb and index finger when stroking, this increases the area on the toy that's spinning. More spinning = more stimulation = more fun. The onahole feels legitimately amazing. I've bought Shell only (i can't eat onaholes to survive) and the sensations goes like this: you can feel small nubs caressing your jr. with every stroke if you don't grab the thing too hard and go slow. If you grab it too hard you will feel less from the nubs and more from the "casing" and the "spiral skeleton", which is highly not recommended. It doesn't hurt when you grab it too tight, it just doesn't give much stimulations. The only few downside to this that i can think of are: 1. The "casing" or "wall" of the onahole is thin, i think its the way it is so it can "spin". TBH, if they make a thicc-er spinner onahole i would buy it in a heartbeat(if i have the money to spare). 2. The entrance is 2.5cm wide and the interior is a lot more spacious than your regular onahole. This is not really suitable for guys with smaller member.

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