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The Mouth of Truth Perorin Tight Throat Hard Type

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesSimulation OralFantasy BlowjobHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Triple LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness HardNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 430g (0.95lbs)Length/Height 145mm (5.71in)Width 80mm (3.15in)Lotion included Yes Release 2020Product Type Onahole

The Mouth of Truth Perorin Tight Throat Hard Type Onahole is an update to the most successful blowjob male masturbator series on earth - the groundbreaking "Mouth of Truth" hentai oral onaholes by Magic Eyes. This version is similar to the original Perorin Lolita onahole, except it is even more stimulating and satisfying due to a tight throat. If you have a thing for throat-fucking and deepthroat oral sex, this is the ultimate onahole. With luscious lips, cute nose, soft teeth a smooth tongue, and a deep throat, everything about this toy has been designed to provide a realistic and extremely stimulating oral sex experience. There's a reason why Magic Eyes is one of the most successful Japanese adult toymakers - they know how to make a high quality and stimulating toy, while also making it long-lasting, safe and comfortable and cost-effective. Whether you're a blowjob onahole veteran, or if you're looking for your first oral sex toy, you can't go wrong with this one.

User Reviews

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  • | 9/16/2022

    Tight and Stimulating

    Needs to get used after first use. Once entered throat spot is simulating since harder material. Once you enter, will cum quickly. I've never came this fast, only after using this onahole. Will definitely recommend for first blowjob onahole unless hates teeth part.

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  • | 9/13/2022


    Very nice. You can get most of your head in to start off. Then go further in to deep throat her. The hard teeth can hurt after a while. Turning it upside down helps plus a different kinda feeling too. The tongue sticks out as you go in.

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  • | 7/9/2022

    Too small opening

    Due to its hardness, the small opening combined with the teeth, just hurts using this onahole.

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  • | 6/21/2022

    Causes me to groan in ectasy

    I actually involuntarily gasp and practically moan when using this. The tightness is amazing, it feels like doing anal with a woman, in the sense that it is so tight that your penis skin stays almost in one place completely, with lube this feels so amazing! It is definitely better than real blowjobs, having had experience with that. The tounge is actually sticky! I have no idea how they do that but it is without lube. This product is absolutely 5 stars in every way, and I KNEEL before magic eyes!

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  • | 5/13/2022

    Damn Good

    This feels a lot like an actual blowjob to me when using a saliva type lube. Definitely worth it for the price, stimulation from the texture is not super high, but feels very nice.

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  • | 5/5/2022

    Big Upgrade

    Compared to the original Mouth of Truth this feels so much better in every way. The firmer texture and materials in addition to the tighter mouth make the whole experience way more enjoyable. My only complaint is that it's much harder to clean because of the firmer material, but without that material, it would not feel as good so that's a necessary flaw in my opinion. Highly recommend it, just know that you gotta really get in there to wash it out after.

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  • | 5/2/2022

    The material feels more like rubber - I didn't like it.

    Honestly I do not like this as much as the original non perorin. It is very firm, it feels like your holding one of those kid's safe grade rubber toy. One of the plus would mean it will last for many uses and will take any beating u give it. I wish I liked this more, I really do not like the tougher material Magic Eye uses for their harder internal structure. I honestly have issue with that more than the plastic teeth. It just feels like rubber - which it is, but I don't want to feel like jacking off to a piece of synthetic material. Not saying its a bad product, it is really well made, the choke point right past the tongue is one of the most lightning strike sensation you will get which is impressive for a product of this price. But there's nothing this toy can do to make me not think I'm just fucking a piece of plastic, and the worst part is the tongue - the harder material made it a completely flat rectangle with 0 feeling -it might as well not have been there at all.

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  • | 4/8/2022

    Takes a few tries getting used to it

    This is my first blowjob onahole. My first time using it I didnt like the teeth at all and considered to cut it off right then, but after I gave it another go and added more lube it became rather enjoyable. I guess I had to lube the teeth properly or it will be a painful experience. Other than that, overall material quality was good only very minor tears on the inside after a few uses. This onahole will SUCK HARD since its the tight hard type, but it obviously doesnt replicate well the 'vacuum' feeling from a real blowjob.

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  • | 3/31/2022

    Worth it!

    I ordered this with a few other products and this is my first onaho ever. I didn't know what to expect at first, but quickly learned that this was a good investment! The insides are very tight and stimulating. Combined with a good lube, I was able to edge myself for quite a while! Cleaning is relatively easy, but I probably would recommend getting a drying stick of sorts, if you don't have one already.

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  • | 2/13/2022


    Que des bonnes raisons d'acheter ce produit : - La qualité est impressionnante, beaucoup moins fragile que nos jouets occidentaux. Plusieurs couleurs, les détails sont géniaux, l'extérieur est doux. - Trois sensations différentes, une entrée de bouche, des dents plutôt agréables finalement, réalistes, une gorge serrée. Vraiment bluffant. Worth the price ! Thanks Otona ! :)

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  • | 12/19/2021

    feels really good

    i did not like the teeth. i tried to get used to them but they just kept scraping me. luckily i was able to cut them out without damaging the rest of the mouth. now it feels amazing. feels very much like a little mouth. when you get to the back of her mouth you feel how tight it is to break into her throat.

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  • | 12/1/2021

    Slurpy mouth

    It gets really slurpy after blowing a load inside, messes up all around and makes that glug glug meme sound. Truly amusing i was surprised when i first encountered it but now im doing it on purpose. Also teeth is good but becarefull it might bite you

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  • | 8/26/2021

    Incredible mouth

    This is the first mouth-type onahole I have tried, the suction is good, the material has withstood continuous use. The teeth at the beginning feel strange but in a short time they give a great sensation in the shaft of the penis, the only thing complicated is cleaning.

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  • | 8/26/2021

    Lives up to the Hype

    Great feeling.

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  • | 8/20/2021

    Pretty good after a bit

    Wasn't really sure after first time, but it got progressively better. Teeth are quite something. Would recommend.

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  • | 7/28/2021

    More of a sidegrade than an upgrade, still great though

    Background: Now, I'm fan of the mouth of truth series. I have/had every one in the serial excluding the original mouth of truth soft edition. And yes, the original perorin was great and the tongue was just genius. So when I saw this I knew I had to try it out. Build Quality: I'm very surprised. The built quality for Magic Eyes' onahole has been pretty consistent thus far. They have been pretty well built for the price, but the skins tends to well out a bit since I'm pretty harsh on them. But the Perorin Hard was the first feel that the material has been improved further. Only time will tell how much better, but so far, it withstood a couple of use without any signs. Features: Ok, so now the throat is supposed to be tighter. And yes it definitely is. It can suck on my finger quite well, and reminded me of the Virgin Age onaholes. The tongue which was the key feature for me is a little bit more recessed now. In actual usage: Goddamn it sucks well. Guess it isn't the tight throat edition for nothing. It just vacuums real good. Now add the teeth to it and you have a winner. Unfortunately, the tongue as I've mention is a bit more recessed now, so I couldn't get it to lick my balls as well as the original perorin. While it still feels great, but it is less of a total upgrade to the original, and more like a sidegrade. It feels great, but I'm keeping the original as well.

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  • | 4/3/2021

    Amazing throat

    I bought this one instead of the regular mouth of truth. I had such a great experience with this onahole that it made me wonder if its better than the original mouth of truth. This version has a really tight throat and it makes for a really good deepthroat experience. A lot of people (including me) are weirded out by the teeth at first, but the only time they can intrude is when you first enter it. After that, the soft rubbing of the teeth on your shaft actually really adds and elevates to the experience. The only downside would be that it requires more lube than other holes and that its a bit tricky to clean. I would recommend, and am very curious as to how this compares to the original.

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  • | 11/15/2020

    Great when you get use to it

    At first time when i get it, besides the strong plastic smell that came from the box i couldn't really enjoy it too much. But after 2 or 3 times of use, i can now say that this is whitouth any doubt a top blowjob onahole. The felling is extremely realistic. The teeth are a wonderful adition. In conclusion, one of the best way to enjoy the masturbation.

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  • | 10/16/2020


    Okay so there's too much to say about this amazing in piece of art. So as soon as I take it out of the package, just looking at this sweet mouth almost turns me on. For an onahole it's white heavy which personally I love and the material feels fantastic while being very durable. I wasn't quite sure how I would feel about the teeth, and I have to say the first time I used it I still wasn't sure and was a bit skeptical to use it again, but I did anyway and not am I glad. Each time I use this thing it just gets better and better. I also personally prefer to go slower and there's just something about but that's so much better than any other onahole I've tried before. If the one I had wears out, I'll definitely be buying another and probably looking for other magic eyes products. I highly suggest this if you enjoy a nice slow blowjob as I do.

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  • | 10/8/2020

    Not my kinda nasty.

    I can't really get off with onaholes to begin with and this one was no different. The insides felt nice, the tongue... was just kinda there or in the way of the throat, the teeth... oddly stimulating. A good buy if like onaholes, bad one if your like me and need something weighty like a hip or a torso.

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  • | 9/18/2020

    Good Stuff

    This was my first onahole and it's good shit. Get the magic eyes saliva lotion with it and you'll be set.

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  • | 9/14/2020

    It's pretty good

    I've used it for 2 weeks now and I be gotta say that it's actually better than expected. First of the material is really durabel and seems like it'll last a few years, the teeth do hurt a bit but if your into that then it should be a perfect pick for you, and the cleaning process is kinda easy but just be careful not to mess with the teeth too much

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  • | 9/13/2020

    Ótima aquisição

    Tô muito satisfeito com essa compra, em particular sou fã dessa série

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  • | 9/6/2020

    Top Tier

    The first Onahole I strongly want a back up for in case anything happens to my current one. The price is great, the feeling is great, it's my favorite onahole yet.

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  • | 8/31/2020

    Good for the price.

    I was reluctant at first getting this because it had no reviews at the time, so it was a coin flip on wether or not I would actually like it. Turns out that it was much greater than I could've ever anticipated. It lasts a while and can take quite the pounding of being reversed inside-out multiple times. (if you do it right, this can be reversed inside-out and be fucked like a pair of tits and also feels nice). Very well-made product indeed.

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  • | 8/19/2020

    Love it!

    This blowjob onahole is top-notch. It feels great and has lots of detail to it. The teeth are somewhat hard so be careful! Overall the entrance is great and it pairs really well with specific lubes on this site as well. Value is definitely there and it’s awesome! :)

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