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The Scent of a Woman's Cleavage

by Tama Toys
Woman's Cleavage Smell Fetish Spray
Brand Tama Toys
Volume 120ml
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 7/16/2021

    Smells like perfume

    Just smells like perfume that I imagine a mature or young office lady would use. Can be kind of arousing if you use your imagination. Either way, my room smells nicer than it did before and there's a good amount of spray.

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  • | 2/4/2021

    One of the few decent scents TamaToys made

    Considering that half their (TamaToys) scents are for degenerates and/or total garbage, the bar for "decent" scents is surprisingly low. That being said, this one is actually good. Does it smell like a woman's cleavage? Sure. If the woman in question has used a sweet kind of perfume before you started motorboating her/resting your head on her chest. It's definitely one of their better scents. Again, there's not much needed to qualify for that.

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