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The smell of girls boiled boots

by Tama Toys
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smell fetish product for boot lovers
Maker Tama Toys

If you love the scent of worn women boots then the The smell of girls boiled boots is the ultimate product for you. Spray it on any fabric, actual shoes or a love doll to enhance the fantasy. There are no borders and your imagination sets the limit. Maker Tama Toys is famous for their scent products and they surely always deliver. A definite must have item if you have a foot and/or shoe fetish.

The smell of girls boiled boots by Tama Toys features

  • recreates the smell of worn women boots
  • made by Tama Toys
  • perfect addition to spray on real shoes, fabric or love dolls for example
  • Volume 10ml

User Reviews

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  • | 9/7/2019

    Vinegar smell, not really stimulating

    The smell did not entice any feelings of sexual stimulation, instead I just felt like I was breathing in some sort of chemical Febreze-like smell that mostly reminded me of vinegar. I guess to some people this may be authentic or stimulating but I was expecting something a little more musky or subdued, instead this was very sharp and was making me choke too much on the chemical smell to be stimulated. In general, if you find perfume-like smells stimulating, these smell products will appeal to you, but if you don't, none of them will. Just keep that in mind. Of course, there is a lingering smell that is staying in my nose that is kind of stinky in a pleasing way so maybe I'm just using these products wrong? Either way, I'm not sure you'd want these smells to keep persisting and lasting on you for hours regardless.

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  • | 11/4/2018

    Don't Buy If You Are Softcore Fetish

    Disclaimer: I'm only reviewing this as a softcore player. - - - - - - Now, I was gonna give this thing a lower score but since I don't think I know what was I buying, not gonna do that. The actual smell is quite real, but OH BOI too real for me it stinks like boiled boots, and lasts for three hours with just two spray. + Cost-effective and lasts super long = Even if you don't wana use it you can always play prank using it (?) - Too powerful and NOT for softcore fetish ppl like me

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