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The smell of the sweaty uniform from the athletic club girl

by Tama Toys
Enjoy the sweet smell of a young sweaty School Girl
Maker Tama Toys
If you're a fan of athletic Japanese girls, it doesn't get much better than this. The smell of the sweaty uniform from the athletic club girl by Tama Toys is a spray bottle of fetish fragrance that is ideal for use with onaholes, costumes, dolls, partners or even solo play. This spray scent replicates the sweet and warm musky smell of a school athletic club girl's worn and sweaty uniform after a hot day. There's also great artwork of a sexy anime-style athletic girl on the box to get your juices flowing.

The smell of the sweaty uniform from the athletic club girl Fragrance Highlights:
  • High-Quality Smell Fetish Item by Tama Toys
  • Replication Scent
  • Handy Spray Bottle
  • Volume: 10ml
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User Reviews

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  • | 7/29/2022

    Sweet scent

    I got the scent for free with my order. I think I attracted more Asian types After using this product. The smell was sweet like student perfume.

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  • | 7/13/2021

    Somewhat a good way

    Smells like a used, wet towel. I was initially disgusted, thinking it had a little bit of a mildew odor to it. However, it didn't take too long for that thought to go away and be replaced with, "Yeah, I get it. This is pretty spot on..." My one gripe about this product is that I wish it had a bit more of a sweat smell to it or at least somewhat more salty sweat smell to it. I actually tried mixing with OL-chan's Feet Smell(sprayed one and then the other), to achieve this effect, but no luck. OL-chan did add a bit of floral scent to this one, though.

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  • | 6/29/2021

    Not entirely what I imagined

    When I got the product I had expectations that I'd get more of a musky sweat smell with just a hint of flowery touch; but what the smell makes me imagine images ranging from a refined upstanding girl that had finished their gym class to a married women that just worked a bit of a sweat. While some of the scent of sweat is there, I don't feel like it was the main attraction which was what drew me in. Probably a favorable option to mix and play with other scents.

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  • | 1/22/2021


    I'm not sure what OdaNonFan means by "mixing it with another scent". Does that mean I should just mix both liquids together or should I spray on the one first and then the other? In that case, which of them comes first? The illustration is nice, but the smell? Nah. Perhaps I should do as OdaNonFan did. Because the School Girl Uniform scent I got this year was far different from the one I got at the end of 2019, so I can try something there. No danger of wasting anything.

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  • | 6/4/2020

    Quite nice after a while.

    Smelt a bit too much like cigarette smoke at first, but after a few uses and letting the scent air a bit, settles down so you get that smoky, sweat flavour with an undercurrent of laundry powder. Mixed with "Scent of a School Girls Uniform" I found it to be highly stimulating.

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