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The Student Presidents secret extracurricular lesson

Onahole by Love Factor
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Maker Love FactorSimulation Anal, VaginalFantasy SchoolgirlHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 810g (1.79lbs)Length/Height 170mm (6.69in)Width 100mm (3.94in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 5/3/2023

    Absolutely the most fun toy I own

    And I own a lot. Really. It's embarrassing. This toy nails both holes just to perfection. The build is firm, no flopping around and wondering if you're going to accidentally hammer your lad off because your sleeve stretched mid stroke. Yet somehow there's no harshness on the inside at all, it actually comes off as muscular yet slimy in the most wild way? None of my other sleeves feel like the material of this one. It's super, super fun. Like you're banging a fit person in just a perpetual light kegel. Vaginal is an A1 vanilla experience– about what you'd expect from a good standard sleeve. Not surprising, it's just what the doctor ordered. Some nice bumps and ridges but overall pretty straightforward. I think most people will find this has a very nice balance of sensations and offers itself well to most desired paces. Biggest drawback of the vag hole is the thinner belly-side wall can be distracting and immersion/breaking when you feel your meemaw sliding around under your hand. Can mostly be avoided if you don't change your depth a ton. Bottoming out on the cervix this side is a fun addition, less suction than the anal side (which isn't a minus, it's just a different experience). Anal is where this thing *shines.* The tightness, the texture, the suction??? (in a dual hole?!) and gahdanm, is it fun to bottom out. There's some kind magic pit at the end there I dunno what is going on. The images do not do the sensation justice–the features look mostly like every other hole–it is NOT. It's the first hole I actually have to cram into to reach the end, and that ignites the furious horny caveman effort=reward center of my brain like I haven't eaten in 3 weeks and just found a sickly mammoth. The end also sits at a good length where I think most will be able to enjoy it without unreasonable effort, too. If you smash into it a bit, I'd think even shorter guys could have fun given some elbow grease. (I'm 6-7" depending on how hard I manage to stay looking at a ruler and slapping away "what are you literally doing right now" type thoughts.) If you've ever known the glory of a nice session with a Tenga Flip, this is a great continuation of that end-segment sensation. It's like my top third is getting a BJ by someone with a cervix for a mouth while my shaft is balls deep in ASS. I'm not kidding about the BJ part either, I audibly pop in and outta that thing like a lollipop. It's. awesome. Last little P.S. about the uterus–it's got a stinger. And it DOESN'T make me feel like dying when I climax! A first for me. Which leads me to my end note...you know what might just be the most impressive part of this thing? It's not overstimulating. It's somehow wildly textured, fun, and dynamic, and you can even take it at a pace you want. (Probably not an hour admittedly. Unless you're the kind of guy who can only finish with a Dyson.) Seriously, this sleeve is a hidden gem. Maybe it's just fits me unusually well or something, I really don't know. Because frankly it blows me away that this thing isn't getting attention yet like the big wigs do.

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  • | 11/2/2022


    I'd give the first hole a 5 out of 10 , with the back a tad tighter at 6. Overall its not bad for a few times, but not sure i would get again

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  • | 6/30/2022

    Pretty good

    Both of the holes feels good and it was a good weight to it. Only nitpick is that both of the wholes are connected at the end, so lube can leak out through the other end that isn’t being used. Also some oil seeps through the box after a while. Overall good for its price

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  • | 11/9/2021

    Smell Great!

    First impression. It smells nice. Both holes feel different even it's lead to the same hole. Downside the front hole place near the edge you could penetrate through if not be careful. The entrance is not interesting and since it's big, it's hard to wash

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  • | 11/9/2021

    a good hole

    it feels pretty god, just be aware that there is a thin spot where the two holes meet. its thin enough that you dick will stretch it rather than go through the rest of the hole.

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