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The Tale of the Virgin - Tenten Tenshi-chan

Onahole by MODE-design
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Maker MODE-designSimulation VaginalFantasy VirginHole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 750g (1.65lbs)Length/Height 180mm (7.09in)Width 75mm (2.95in)Lotion included Yes Release Oct 7, 2022Product Type Onahole

User Reviews

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  • | 4/28/2023

    Not that great for the price

    I would have to say that this onahole is ok at best, not amazing, but not bad. The first time you use this onahole, the opening will be closed, so you will either have to use your member or finger to break it. I personally used my finger so that I could wash the insides since it was my first use but you can choose to just go right on in if you want the full experience. The stimulation was ok and it was pretty easy to clean. If you want it, get it on sale.

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  • | 12/20/2022

    Exception material, a real "hymen" to break and overall great feel!

    Wow, what an onahole! I hadn't seen many other works from this company, so I was a bit skeptical, but how can you resist that phenomenal box art? What really grabbed my attention when I first got it is the supple feeling of the material. It has an almost matte feel to it, and does not get sticky like many other onaholes. When I went to use it for the first time, I was shocked to find that hole is actually literally CLOSED with a hymen layer that needs to be broken. You push in and *pop* it goes, stimulating that virginal cherry popping experience. This hole is not a one trick pony though. Even if you popped the hymen the first time, it can be used again and again - a gentle, soft and pleasantly mushy feeling onahole with some grooves, textures and something like a cervix chamber inside. The material also feels super durable - no ripping or tearing at all and it should last a long time. This has become one of my favourite, go-to onaholes. The unique feeling of the material alone is enough to make me choose it over the others when I want a fun night to myself. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one if I need to replace it. Definitely recommend!

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  • | 12/17/2022

    An angel that doesn't want to let go

    When I ordered this I didn't see that this onahole has a sudo hymen to break during the first use. The stimulation is very gentle like a hug and when you push all the air out it is very snug and tight. The material is soft but doesn't flop around and doesn't really get sticky as I've only needed to powder it after every other wash/cleaning. This is a solid purchase and would recommend to those looking for a more gentle stimulation.

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  • | 11/29/2022

    Soft heaven

    "Breaking the seal" was a bit interesting, beyond that the texture is soft yet gently pleasurable. A solid value for its price.

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