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Toys Heart Onahole Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Set by Toys Heart
Keep your Onahole's Clean & Tidy
Maker Toys Heart
Product Type Maintenance Set
Keep your onaholes, clean, safe and in optimum pleasure-providing condition with this awesome care kit from one of the leading male masturbator makers in Japan. The Toys Heart Onahole Maintenance Kit contains a special cleaning detergent, a dry stick and maintenance powder that will allow you to clean even the most complex onahole tunnels. Caring for your masturbators with this kit will ensure they remain clean, dry, and most importantly, bacteria-free - which in turn keeps you safe. The maintenance powder also protects the materials and prolongs the life of your favourite toys.

The Toys Heart Onahole Maintenance Kit features:
  • Maintenance Kit by Toys Heart
  • Includes 1x Cleaning Detergent, 1x Dry Stick, and 1x Maintenance Powder
  • Includes Everything You Need To Properly Maintain Your Onahole & Keep it Safe
  • Comes In an Awesome Toys Heart Style Box With Beautiful Artwork
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User Reviews

9 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 12/19/2022

    Good deal

    The 2 drying sticks alone is 20 dollars but then add in drying powder to stop your hole from getting sticky and sterilizing liquid to clean, its well worth the money

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  • | 6/17/2022

    Best deal money can buy!

    This onahole maintenance kit is a necessity for anyone who's looking to keep their onaholes clean, well maintained and extend the usage one can get from them. I mainly buy these for the drying sticks as they tend to break easy but they really help with keeping the onaholes dry and clean. Its offered at a great low price too compared to other sites so can't go wrong purchasing from Otonajp

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  • | 11/26/2021

    Can't go without

    Everything in this kit is a must have. If you've been washing your onaholes without a drying stick, you'll know that it takes time to dry even when you're digging your fingers in with a cloth. The drying sticks included make this process so much easier and faster. Would honestly be worth it if the kit only had the two drying sticks.

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  • | 9/17/2021

    A must have

    Honestly, the main attraction here is the two drying sticks. They've completely changed the clean-up procedure from being a tedious slog to being fast and easy. Putting in the drying stick requires a bit of wiggling (not too hard though, the sticks are quite fragile - think chalk) but after that you can leave the stick in for around 10 minutes and come back to a dry toy! In cases where its not entirely dry at the end that can be fixed by carefully moving the stick around inside the toy so that it makes contact with the entire inside surface. The onahole cleaner is also quite good for sanitizing your toys and preventing any nasty buildup that could happen from improper cleaning or maintenance. Finally, the Softening powder is quite nice, a quick dusting of your toy with this will leave it feeling like new and remove the tackiness that some toys get after a while.

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  • | 7/11/2021


    The main attraction are the dry sticks, which work much better than I expected and is gentler than other drying methods that I've tried. The powder is basically baby powder which is okay I guess. The cleaning fluid leaves something to be desired, and I would suggest buying another cleaning spray to go along with this kit.

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  • | 4/2/2021

    Works like a charm

    Putting the washing liquid aside, the drying stick and powder is definitely what you need to maintain onahole.

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  • | 1/15/2021

    Pretty Good

    So far it works fairly well. The price is reasonable given the amount of cleaning and agent and powder. It would be better if the items were labeled though.

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  • | 12/28/2020

    Perfect for maintaining the condition of any onaholes

    You know, several of the onaholes I bought through the years had gotten a little bit sticky. Sure, I cleaned them after using them, but I felt like I was missing something else. Cleaning lotion or detergent I already had. But cleaning sticks and maintenance powder I did not. So, when I ordered my first Rends Toy Bag Extra Large, I figured I didn't want these onaholes to get into said bag while being sticky. That's where the maintenance powder comes in. First off, the box is wrapped in some plastic. Through this plastic, I felt that one of the sides of the box was a little soft. Strange. What could be the cause of that? I realized shortly after that there was a liquid in the box (the cleaning detergent). I opened the box, took out everything and found that there had indeed been some sort of leak around the cleaning detergent bottle. I removed the plastic around the bottle and dried up said bottle. Problem solved. Well, I still had to let the box dry, but who cares? On to the other two items: the maintenance powder and the cleaning sticks. I immediately set the work with the maintenance powder, cleaning and making the sticky onaholes I had non-sticky before putting them into the toy bag. The powder works like a charm. The drying sticks...they're a lot like the maintenance powder, except in a more solid, non-powdery form. They allowed me to dry the inside of the onaholes I use (after washing them out), without having to use a small towel (and potentially breaking/tearing said hole) or paper towels (which may end up getting stuck inside the hole). All you need to do is dry off the outside of the onahole with a towel, dry your hands and then stick the drying stick inside and knead the onahole a little so the stick manages to get all the moisture from inside the hole. Next before storing the onahole: see the maintenance powder part here. Apply powder to make hole non-sticky, then insert hole in toy bag. 10/10 would buy again. As soon as I run out of powder or the sticks break.

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