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Tsururin ko Oshiri

Anal Onahole by Kiss-me-Love
(appx. 33.1 )
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Product Type: Anal Onahole

Product Weight (without the package): approx. 352 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 120x110mm


1 Customer Reviews for Tsururin ko Oshiri

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by Marceli May 19, 2020
Disappointed, but not sad.

For that price I expected nothing and when I used it my expectations have been fulfilled perfectly. The material is really soft and the walls are thin. Honestly I could not feel any of the internal walls. In both of the holes.

Hips this small just don't work, it is better used as a handheld.
Unfortunately it got destroyed after the first use, its only redeeming quality is its size which makes it easy to transport and easier to dispose off. In the worst case scenario you can take it on a trip use it and toss it into garbage, personally I don't recommend to use it more than once. And also I definitely do not recommend it as a starting sex toy. If this was my first experience with toys I would never use them again.

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