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UFO Yakisoba Instant Noodles

The UFO has landed and with it, a full load of delicious Yakisoba Instant Noodles. One of Japan's most popular Noddle Tase and originated in the Kansai/Osaka area where otonaJP is from. Often sold on Festivals and simply one of Japan's classic flavors.

The UFO Yakisoba Instand Noodles features
  • just add Hot Water and enjoy this yummy bowl of Instant Noodles
  • they really taste like freshly fried
  • can me prepared in 3 minutes
  • made by Nissin
If you have any queries or concerns about allergies or product ingredients, please contact us before purchase. Please consider variables such as using slower shipping methods (due to use by dates) and the climatic conditions in your country before choosing your edible products. Package design may be subject to minor changes.
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User Reviews

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  • | 2/21/2020

    Delicious umami treat that will fill you up!

    Wait what? Am I doing a review yakisoba on Onahole website but okay here goes... The U.F.O. have noting in common with the Unindentified Fying Object nor does it can fly. (It actually written there! a la abit fine print, Why? We probably don't ever know). Anyhow let move on to the package. It actually is ingenious! You see, Yakisoba is consumed with little to no soup so, the lid also work as a strainer. Yes, you poured some hot water first wait couple of minutes and peel off another side conviniently numbered 3 then pour exceed water out, mixed some sauce and seasoning in and.... Voila! 1 Yakisoba GET! Some good and bad as usual ◎ Easy and clever way to prepare and enjoy ◎ Generous among of noodle in the bowl 1 is enough to satisfield most people. ◯ Delicious!! (Well for the standard of instant yakisoba) △ Somewhat on the salty side taste probably best not consume too much. X Kinda expensive combine with the shiping cost. Conclusion -Good delicious instance noodle direct from Japan! -Probably a good giftshop merchandise, if Area51 decide to open one. -Work great as a late night meal after playing with Onahole before going to sleep, What more could you ask for?!

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