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Unreal Body

Double Layer Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Double Layer Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Male masturbator from Magic Eyes made by their original UnREAL Skin material

The Unreal Body Onahole from Magic Eyes is like a large Torso Sex Doll in a mini format. Made by their original UnREALSkin material which feels hyper realistic and smooth. Specially outstanding are the big breasts the Unreal Body has which are nice to play with, the Nipples are wonderful perky. Next to the Pussy, it looks real, very Real and the moment you enter the Unreal Body onahole you feel like in heaven. The inside is made with a dual layer structure which wraps around your Dick the deeper you go, with an intensifying vacuum. The size and weight are increasing the experience by a lot compare to regular onaholes. Enjoy the Unreal Body Onahole in various positions, hold her perky Breasts and curvy body in your hands. This Lady feels very REAL.

The Unreal Body Onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • large male sex toy
  • beautiful curvy body and perky Breasts
  • Made by the unique UnREALSkin material by Magic Eyes
  • onahole weight about 940 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 230x110x150mm
  • comes with a small sample lotion


2 Customer Reviews for Unreal Body

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by L April 14, 2019
Great torso when half off

This is my first torso. I knew the cleaning aspect was going to be more intensive, so I ordered a quick dry stick with this. The quick dry stick is the only way for me to get all the way to the end of the vagina because the "cervix" prevents me from drying that last bit of vagina with my usual methods.

Imagine it is a fairy's or a mini woman's torso, and all is well.

For me, two-handing this toy is the best way to go because it is the most stimulating for me, and the toy is flimsy with one hand (probably unless you have big burly hands). The weight is nice because you can thrust into it hand-less if desired (might want to use a hand if you're rough with it). I'd recommend some sort of heating mat to heat the exterior because having cold cheeks hit my balls is nice, but warm cheeks would be preferred.

If you can afford this, like when it's half off, I would recommend giving it a try.

by tonydiediedie August 15, 2018
half price !!! The best body medium onahole!

I bought this on sale, and honestly its worth full price, When i took it out the nice box, i was amazed at how big it was!!

It feels ultra realistic, it has this unreal real skin texture, which really imitates the feel of feminine skin. And the shape of the whole onahole is so beautiful, often i found myself feeling up the toy.

Finally the texture is incredible, i used a special lolicon aroma lubricant, and it really added an intense session. I seriously am in love with this onahole, its tight, it pushes and pulls your dick, and at the very top it suctions kinda, the first time i didnt last much because it was intense, the second time i put on some hentai, and i found myself enjoying the toy and ignoring the hentai haha.

I really recommend this onahole especially if youre tired of the regular onaholes. The price is great, and it feels so awesome on your hands.

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