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The original List Price of the URETHLOVER 01 is: $10.67. With us, you save $10.67 (100%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!


    Stick for Urethral play and stimulation.


    4 Customer Reviews for URETHLOVER 01

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    by beurrrrr March 3, 2019
    unsure what to think

    As the title of the review says - I am unsure what to think about this. It's free, so that's a good thing, but something about it makes it difficult to use, and I can't tell if that's the end being possibly more pointed than it should and poking me all up in my bits or the material just gripping and making for a somewhat unpleasant experience. All in all I'd say get it to see if you like it (because it's free), but don't expect much and possibly get one of the metal ones instead (or as well).

    by Chaipheree December 6, 2018
    nice try

    want to know how it feel just try it free my thought good mat but it seem i don't like URETHRA

    by M October 14, 2018

    It's free, so it's a good thing to try to see if you like this sort of thing before you actually spend money on it.

    by Artoria October 7, 2018
    Yo it's free.

    ...Yo its free. Go get it.

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