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Used Loli Girl Panty

Japanese Used Panties "Used Loli Girl Panty" by Magic Eyes

used underwear of a Lolita girl
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Sku: USED加工ぱんちゅ
Used Loli Girl Panty
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This is for all Loli lovers out there. A panty with the sweet and innocent smell of a young japanese virgin girl. Her untouched pussy, her young body, all this makes the perfect loli scent. It even has a fruity strawberry scent to it and Magic Eyes has done an outstanding job in creating this. The Used Loli Girl Panty is perfect to enjoy on its own, with a nice Loli Hentai movie or on your Love Doll or onahole. This is just taking it to the next level and makes the fantasy perfect. Comes in a sealed package with photo.

The Used Loli Girl Panty by Magic Eyes features
  • panty with the recreated scent of a japanese loli girl
  • has a fruity smell to it
  • perfect to enjoy stand alone, with a movie or on any male masturbator
  • comes in a sealed package with photo

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