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MakeVLove Virtual Reality Sex Set - VR Stroker with VR Box

Virtual Reality (VR) "MakeVLove Virtual Reality Sex Set - VR Stroker with VR Box" by BKK

The Original Virtual Sex Experience is available now.
  • Maker: BKK
  • Sku: Virtual Reality Sex Set
MakeVLove Virtual Reality Sex Set - VR Stroker with VR Box

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It is happening right now. Stop just watching movies or pictures, dive into the VR world now and become one with the experience. The VR Box fits Smartphones until a size of 6 inch. Any Android or iOS (apple) Smartphone that can run the Free to download applications can be used with this VR Headset. The content is Free and with registering more content will become available. You can interact with the movies and the available Hentai game with the remote that is connected to the Stroker, the Onahole. The Hentai Game even lets you create the girl of your dreams and lets you choose your favourite position with her ! You can of course also use the VR Headset to enjoy the many available free VR Porn content that is available online and enjoy it with your favourite Onahole. The possibilities are endless.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 September 16

The Stroker (Onahole) has a built in battery and can be charged by the included USB Cable. The inside cup of the stroker can be changed, new ones are available here!

Please check out the below videos for demonstration. * New content that will be released later might be available at additional charge, this depends on the content creator. Please note that content might change or be removed over the time.

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