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Winter Bag 2018

"Winter Bag 2018" by otonaJP

a Bag full with onaholes and more
  • Maker: otonaJP
  • Sku: Winter Bag 2018
Winter Bag 2018

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otonaJP is famous for their Grab Bags and we have decided to bring you pleasure for the cold and snowy winter days. With otonaJP's Winter Bag 2018 you get amazing value for little money. Get 3 high quality onaholes, a bottle of lube, a USB Warmer an d a Bag to store your newly arrived onaholes. This will easily get you through the cold winter season.

The Winter Bag 2018 by otonaJP features
  • you get 3 high quality onaholes
  • a USB Warmer to make them warm when its cold outside
  • a bottle of east least 120ml lube to get started right away
  • a bag to store your new arrived onaholes

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