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Winter Lucky Bag

Winter Lucky Bag

This awesome Lucky Bag, or also called Fukubukuro in Japan, is full of awesome Stuff. For just $100 you will receive items wort at least twice as much, saving you at least 50% compare otonajp/s already cheap prices and often close to 80% when it comes to list prices and prices in brick and mortar stores. It's full with Onaholes, Lubes, Air Pillow Covers, Dildos and all the cool stuff we have here at otonajp (items can come without original Box). This offer is extremely limited due to the Big Savings, so act fast and make sure not to miss out here. All items are from well known popular brands!

Limited to 1 per order. Items are random and can not be chosen.
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  • | 2/12/2021

    An absolute must-have

    Sure, it's a hundred bucks. But then, you're getting items that, combined, are worth far more than a hundred bucks. In my case, I counted items worth around 199.69 USD. And that wasn't even counting the items in the box that I couldn't find online. So much bang for your buck, you wouldn't believe it. What is exactly in this grab bag? Well, you never really know. It's an adult version of Lootcrate. Not that I ever ordered anything from Lootcrate. In my case, I got the following items: Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft: an otonajp-only limited item. You can't get this one anywhere else. This one alone costs close to 50 bucks. The KMP Aika Hole: a slightly smaller onahole which, according to Fanza, is for domestic sales only. THAT'S RIGHT. OtonaJP went and shipped an item meant for the Japanese market only, abroad. Value: about 10 bucks. Immediate Service from a Maid - Eimi Fukuda: basically NPGs stepdaughter, a hole not as big as the Meiki series from NPG, but without a doubt good nonetheless. 25-30 bucks. Ahegao mask from TamaToys: according to Fanza, these are no longer being sold, but TamaToys seems to think otherwise. About 10 bucks. Succubus Lube from TamaToys: OtonaJP doesn't sell this, or at least I could find it, but it's a lot. 600 MLs of it. Value: 9-10 bucks. OtonaJP Toy Bag: 10.99 USD. Because you gotta hide those toys somewhere. TamaToys' Enamel Otokonoko Swimming Costume. Almost 40 bucks. If only I had an air doll now.... A JAV with Maria Wakatsuki in it. Who? Yeah, I don't recognize the name either. 3800 Yen, according to the price on the back. And then there were some minor items in there as well. A box filled with packets of lube. I thought it was candy, until I opened the box and read the labels. And then there were about 2-3 more onaholes in there, the cheaper kind. One of which is one of those onaholes you can turn inside out and still have some fun with. In all, serious bang for your buck. And if they come out with these Grab Bags, go for them. They are absolutely worth it. Afraid you're getting something you might not like? Well, that's the fun of it.

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