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Womens Dressing Room - Lucky Sukebe

by Toys Heart
Women's Dressing Room fantasy themed masturbator
Maker Toys Heart
Are you a Luck Sukebe? In Japanese Sukebe is a word for People who are naughty all the time and have nothing on their mind but some kinky fun and Sex all the time. So being in a Womens Dressing Room would defiantly make you a very very lucky Sukebe then! Imagine the Happiness of having half naked Girls all around you, its a bit Hot and Steamy from the Shower and there are Wet Towels and Wet Girls everywhere. The Womens Dressing Room - Lucky Sukebe Onahole builds on that fantasy and is perfectly made for that. Its nicely shaped with some little perky tits to play with during your session. The inside has a curvy tunnel in which her G-Spot surely is the highlight. You feel the urge to come very hard the second you hit it and the vacuum chamber at the end will finish you off hard and intense. After this experience, you will for sure consider yourself a lucky Sukebe!

The Womens Dressing Room - Lucky Sukebe male sex toy by Toys Heart features
  • Women's Dressing Room fantasy themed pocket pussy
  • nice perky Tits on the outside of the Onahole
  • strong G-Spot feature on the inside
  • intense finishing with its vacuum chamber
  • Onahole weight about 320 Grams / Dimensions 145x72mm
  • comes with a small pouch of lubricant
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