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Yume Ichijiku Medium Version -2

Soft Onahole "Yume Ichijiku Medium Version -2" by Hot Powers

soft male masturbator
  • Maker: Hot Powers
  • Sku: 生膣感覚三層構造 夢無花果(ゆめいちじく) 【中型】バリ柔(-2)
Yume Ichijiku Medium Version -2
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This is the -2 version of the Yume Ichijiku Medium onahole. This means its softer than the regular 0 version. The material is soft and specially good for beginners or those who like a more gentle stimulation.

The Yume Ichijiku Medium onahole by Hot Powers was designed with nothing else than the highest possible quality in mind. Made with Hot Powers own original material, designed and made in Japan, is the Yume Ichijiku Medium onahole a real piece of art. We have a real double layer material, the outside is soft to touch but yet firm. The inside has a pink colored softer material, main sensations are a curvy tunnel here with bumps all along. The box design is a real treat for those of traditional japanese art and design. It shows a beautiful women and her pure body. Onaholes by Hot Powers are not only male masturbators, they are a real experience and the Yume Ichijiku Medium is no exception.

The Yume Ichijiku Medium Version 0 onahole by Hot Powers features
  • high quality male sex toy from Japan
  • beautiful and traditional japanese inspired box art
  • double layer onahole made of the original Meteo material
  • onahole weight about 420 Grams
  • comes with a small pack of sample lotion

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