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Milky Silicone Anal Lotion

Lotion by Tama Toys
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Product Type: Lotion

High quality Anal lotion from Japan

The Milky Silicone Anal Lotion from Tama Toys was specially made and designed for Anal play, for the use with Anal Toys and Anal type onaholes. Using it is very smooth and the huge amount that you get in this bottle lasts a long time. The cloudy and milky look of it is a nice feature and it adds a lot of kinkiness to it. The Milky Silicone Anal Lotion was made in Japan and lives up the highest standards.

The Milky Silicone Anal Lotion by Tama Toys features
  • dedicated high quality Anal Lotion
  • made in Japan by Tama Toys
  • perfect for Anal play, Anal toys and Anal type male masturbators
  • Volume 600ml


2 Customer Reviews for Milky Silicone Anal Lotion

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by Pineapple pen April 25, 2019
Great value for a great lotion

This one really hits the mark. It’s not too thin or thick and doesn’t dry out fast at all. But the main turn on is the color change. A bit of friction makes the lube turn white and just looks really erotic in general. Works well for onaholes and regular ahem...activities

by A January 17, 2019
Huge bottle, above average quality

So my SO wanted to buy this to emulate something they saw online. The lube itself will dry out but not as fast as others.

It mimics semen quite nicely without the smell; if after intense play you convulse, it will come out looking like a fresh load has been pumped into you. Apparently this gets her off, and to be frank it looked quite hot.

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