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In our New Releases category you find the latest and hottest new Adult Toys from Japan. Onaholes, Masturbators and lots of cool sex toys from Japan in all sizes and for every budget. Kinky Stuff, Lotions, Love Dolls, Maintenance Goods and much more. Best of all, while new all items are 10% discounted, so don´t miss your chance and grab yourself some sweet deals on the newest items. As one of the leading Adult Toy retailers in Japan you can be sure that you stay up to date with us.
  • Tama Toys

New Bakunyu Oppai Cosplay

$35.62 $32.05
  • G Project

Ju-C Zero

$25.54 $22.98
  • G Project

Hon Mono

$28.81 $25.93
  • Tama Toys

Prostate GX#1

$25.54 $22.98
  • Toys Heart

Rising Mad Magma Press

$15.72 $14.15
  • Tama Toys

Horny High School Days

$16.03 $14.43
  • Onagan

Sin ReiShuku

$31.98 $28.78

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