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otonaJP Blog

Hi everyone, we have been teasing about this a few weeks back. In the meantime we got so many mails and questions on social media about what was going on and what was pour big secret but unfortunately we were not able to tell anything before. This...

Oct 1, 2020
otonaJP Blog

Great News for all Oppai Lovers! With the Big help of our friends over at Hot Powers, we secured a huge batch of Meltys Quest Onaholes for YOU. In collaboration with them we add one Free Meltys Quest Onahole to every Kongari Oppai Chichiyaketa you...

Oct 1, 2020
otonaJP Blog

Hello everyone, Yuka here. I have some update for you all in regards to the checkout at otonaJP. We have implanted some long requested features to the checkout process which makes it much easier now to make a purchase, use coupon codes as well as your...

Sep 28, 2020