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Puni Virgin Mini Puni Virgin Mini

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Hon Mono

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otonaJP Blog

We have some great news for those of you shipping your orders with DHL. You can now save an extra 10% on total shipping costs.To save this 10%, you can simply request our FREE package removal service. The reason we can offer this 10% saving is that...

Nov 9, 2019
otonaJP Blog

As most of you will know, we now have a European store as well as our main site. You can read all about our EU store and the advantages it provides to EU customers in our previous blog post here.Because both sites originally looked very similar and...

Nov 9, 2019
otonaJP Blog

Hi everyone,this is Sven from otonaJP. Today I am very proud to tell you on behalf of the whole Team here at otonaJP that our New Mascot Coco has been born and is now ready to be enjoyed and Loved by you all.She was drawn by the popular Japanese...

Oct 22, 2019