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With every order you place and every product you buy at otonaJP, you earn up to 5% cashback. You can use this cashback as real money whenever you purchase something at otonaJP to pay for items or even shipping costs. It will be stored in your otonaJP Wallet which can be accessed from your customer account at otonajp.com. The amount of money you have in your otonaJP Wallet does never expire and can be used as long as you have an account at otonaJP.

Please note that cashback will only be granted for shipped and paid orders, so as soon as your order has been shipped, your cashback will be credited to your account. Cashback Balance for orders that will be rejected by the receiver or that will be returned to our warehouse will not be granted.

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Write reviews at otonaJP and share your valuable opinion with others. This will also earn you cashback that you can use towards orders you place at otonajp.com. Please note that cashback balance will only be granted for approved reviews and one liners ala "Awesome stuff" or "Thats Shit" etc. will not be accepted. Try to create some real value for the community here at otonaJP with your review.