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Frequently Asked Questions

The otonaJP Team has collected some of the most asked questions here for you. While we do our best to answer all of your mails and requests within 1-2 business days, these Frequently Asked Questions below might already have the answer for you, helping you right away. We constantly update this section and we always welcome your ideas and input.

  • Where will my order be sent from ?
  • Can you declare lower values on the package or mark them as a Gift ?
  • I wish to return an item
  • Which payment methods do you accept ?
  • Are there any additional Taxes or charges i my country ?
  • I have special requests for the deliver of my package
  • My order is Processing. What does it mean ?
  • Why was my Credit Card / Debit Card rejected ?
  • Do you ship discreet ?
  • How much is the Shipping cost ?
  • Are Japanese Sex Toys smaller than Western Toys ?
  • What if no one is Home to receive the package ?
  • Why has my order not yet shipped ?
  • How can I use a Coupon Code?
  • Do you ship to my country ?
  • Why is the shipping option I want not available ?
  • Who delivers my package ?
  • When is a Sold out item available again ?
  • How can I cancel my order ?
  • My Order has been paid but is still Pending ?
  • Do you ship within Japan ?
  • I want my package to be delivered on a certain day or at a certain time