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Namaikina - The Hole of your Bossy Relative

by Tama Toys
Your Nasty Relative's Wet Hole is awaiting you
Maker Tama Toys
Weight 410 Grams
Dimensions 150x80mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/24/2021

    There are better premium TamaToys holes out there...

    Yeah, it's really a hit or miss kind of thing when it comes to TamaToys' premium series. While not exactly a miss, this one isn't a hit either. Not even close. That captive princess meiki or whatever is far better than this one. The insides just feel weird. And the cleaning? Don't even get me started on the cleaning. It's easy enough to wash this one out, but sticking in a drying stick doesn't really seem to do anything, due to the inner structure of this hole. The stars I'm giving for this one are 5/5 all the way, because I got this one with the Winter Grab Bag and I didn't really have to pay full price on this one. And neither should you. The art is nice enough, but with the size of the box and the art on said box, you'd at least expect a free doujin in there somewhere.

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  • | 1/6/2021

    Hole with weird pattern

    Feeling ★★★☆☆ 7/10 Hardness 5/10 (Regular) (Medium stimulation) *Short summary* Gives unique insertion feeling, not bad, but as soft player I wish it was softer. *The product* According to our Japanese onahole guru onahodouga, this hole is a result of fusion from 2 Tama toy legacy products. The pattern this time is "spiral fish net membrane" (idk what to call it, let's put it this way) The insertion feeling is indeed weird and unique, as solid wall are replaced with said net pattern, which forms many small vacuum sections. They keep lotion very well and give a wet juicy sound as you play, and give small vacuum sensation on squeeze. Feels more like a tentacle hentai than bossy relative. (lol) *Side note* (1) Tama's material still give strong smell. (2) If I had to pick one from Tama, I would still go with "Captive Warrior Princess Meiki Onahole"

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