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Smell of a girl after getting out of the bath

by Tama Toys
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Smell fetish item from Japan
Maker Tama Toys

Imagine a steamy hot bath. A young girl is walking out of it, still all wet. Her body is clean as it could be and the scent of her is mixing up with that of soap and hot water. The Smell of a girl after getting out of the bath by Tama Toys delivers exactly that to you. Use it to get in the mood and immerse with your fantasies. Add it to your onahole session or to any love doll to make the experience true and real. A young japanese girl walking out of the bath, towards you. This is her scent.

The scent of a Girls Hot Bath by Tama Toys features

  • genuine adult toy from Japan that recreates the scent of a young girl coming out of a hot bath
  • perfect addition to any male masturbator or Love Doll
  • Volume 10ml

User Reviews

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  • | 1/20/2021


    It's just that. A sweet smell. A bit strong afterwards. And yeah, I can see why it would smell like someone who's fresh out of the bath. Because it does have that soapy smell. Definitely one of the better ones I bought in 2019.

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  • | 11/12/2020

    Conditioner smell

    My initial expectation before purchase was the smell is probably going to smell a lot like conditioner (frankly reviews support this hypothesis). And sure enough that is pretty much how it smells, a pleasantly fruity smell. It can be seen as regular fragrance without issue. Now I purchased it with the intend of using it on body pillow to enhance sleeping quality, so this kind of pleasant smell works. However, for people who are actually looking for more suggestive smell this is going to fall short.

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