• Sku: キャスパー キューティー
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Casper Cutie

Vibrator by Rends

Powerful Vibrator from Japan

The original List Price of the Casper Cutie is: $57.75. With us, you save $17.91 (32%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Rends
  • Product Type: Vibrator


Casper from Rends Japan is just the cutest thing ever! This Cutie vibrator in its soft sky blue color is shaped like an adorable little bat mascot helper who's here to bring you to climax (as bats do). Casper is very flexible has a big vibrating head for maximum stimulation. While inserted, Casper's little arms are in the perfect position for hitting your G Spot. It's all round goodness wrapped up in a powerful and cute package.

The Casper Cutie Vibrator from Rends features
  • powerful high quality Vibrator
  • flexible structure
  • soft and skin friendly material
  • different vibration settings
  • battery powered
  • approx. length 185mm


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