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Are you new at otonaJP?

If this is your first visit here at then we are glad to welcome you. Our selection can be overwhemling at first but we do carry somethign for every tase, size and budget. If you like to know what male masturbators from Japan aka Onaholes are, then please check here.

You may be already familiar with what we offer but it can still be hatrd to choose sometimes. While we do have a very bug selection of Love toys and cool Sex Gadgets from Japan in general, our big Onahole / Masturbator category has three main ways of finding what you are looking for beside filtering for your favorite brand. The first one is the Product Type. Her you can choose from regular Onaholes (masturbators for men) which are mostly handheld size, to Hip masturbators, Love Dolls or even Electric powered masturbators who do the job for you, to only name a few.

Next up is your favorite simulation of experience. Beside the usual ones such as Vagina, Anal and Oral, you can also find some super kinky ones, often inspired by japanese Adult Anime movies, called Hentai such as Armpit for example. If you made it this far, the last choce for many is the most fun and has countless possibilities, the Fantasy. Do you dream of a Virgin themed masturbator, one thaty resmbles a sexy office worker, a Mature women, a Callgirl, a Cheerleader or perhaps a flight attendant? There are many options to choose from that surely there is something for every fetish and kink.